WWE Star Accused Of Assault

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Looks like Heath Slater of the WWE could be in some hot water. A security guard in Atlanta claims that Slater choked her and tried to force her to his hotel room after this years Wrestlemania.

An Atlanta security guard claims a popular pro wrestler grabbed her by the neck and tried to force her to his hotel room during WrestleMania earlier this year.
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Corinne Oliver, who was working for Allied Barton Security Services at the time, said she had to wrestle her way out of Heath Slater’s grip, and the April 4 encounter with the World Wrestling Entertainment star has left her with back pains.

Atlanta police spokesman John Chafee said Thursday the alleged incident is still under investigation.(Atlanta Journal Constitution)

The whole thing sounds pretty crazy really. Check out the article it goes into much more details but here are some highlight quotes from it. The first is from a WWE spokesman and it sounds like they’re leaving him high and dry on this one.

“The alleged victim is making claims against Slater individually, and it’s being investigated,” WWE spokesman Jerry McDevitt said. “This has nothing to do with the WWE.”

The next is from her attorney who describes what took place.

“She basically said he [Slater] approached her and asked her to go to his room,” attorney Jackie Patterson said. “She said no. He started telling her she was pretty and those type things. The next thing you know she was in a chokehold, and he was dragging her and bending her backward, trying to get her on the elevator to his room. She violently had to struggle to get his arm from around her neck.”

The last quote is the one that starts raising questions either there was a cover up and her security firm could be in hot water OR it’s all made up. Only time will tell.

“She was waiting on her supervisors to report it to the police and see what they were going to do, but they [supervisors] kept telling her, ‘We’re handling this and we’ll get it resolved,’ ” the attorney said. “When she never got it resolved that’s when she took it upon herself to go to the police.”

I’m sure wrestling fans will here more of this in the upcoming weeks. If Slater mysteriously disappears from TV after a “beatdown” by some of his peers then there may be some truth. Right now thou it’s all speculation and a simple investigation.

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