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by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, June 20th, 2011

Before I even start don’t get too excited Knicks fans, the two teams aren’t talking about a trade involving the number two pick in the NBA Draft. We can only wish that was the case. What the teams are talking about is a trade involving backup point guards. That would be Toney Douglas and Jonny Flynn.

No formal deal is in place, but the Knicks are debating whether Flynn, the sixth overall pick of the 2009 draft would be a viable option to back up Chauncey Billups for at least one season. (NY Daily News)

Toney Douglas would likely be the player traded for Flynn. However, Douglas is coming off major shoulder surgery, which in theory would make him tough to deal. But Flynn is a similar medical risk. The 6-foot guard out of Syracuse had hip surgery last July and was limited to 53 games in his second year, not including a stint in the D-League (NY Daily News)

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It’s no surprise the Timberwolves are looking to deal Flynn now that they have the point guard from that 2009 draft that they really wanted, Ricky Rubio, in the fold. What is a surprise to me is the Knicks willingness to deal Douglas.

As a fan, I love Douglas’ energy. There were many times late in the season that I was screaming for Mike D’Antoni to insert him in the game over Chauncey Billups. I like Billups too but the team just seemed to have that much more of a spark when he was in the game. And even more then that there was some actual defense being played! Unfortunately for Toney that’s not the type of player that fits a D’Antoni offense.

His one glaring weakness is that he is not a natural playmaker and at times his decision-making has been a source of frustration for his teammates as well as coach Mike D’Antoni.(NY Daily News)

SIDE NOTE: With the departure of Donnie Walsh many expect D’Antoni to be gone when his contract is over. If Douglas is dealt because he doesn’t fit Mike’s system I’d second guess the departure. It would show he still has more power then some think.

When looking over the two players and their career stats, they seem like similar players. Scoring and rebounding are about the same over similar minutes, Flynn averages one more assist per game. The numbers are a little skewed thou as Flynn missed a bunch of time due to a hip injury.

Enough about those two and why they may be traded for each other. Throw out the type of players they are. Throw out D’Antoni’s influence on his rosters.

In reality, I think there is one reason the Knicks are considering this deal. That would be next summers free agent class, the one that includes point guard Chris Paul.

Flynn is represented by; you guessed it, CAA Sports. The same agency that represents one Carmelo Anthony and one soon to be free agent Chris Paul. Trading for Flynn would be nothing more then sweetening the pot for the agency, who will then attempt to steer their client towards the Big Apple even more.

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