Rubio Heading West

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, June 16th, 2011

As every day passes it looks more and more like the Minnesota Timberwolves will finally have their 2009 first round draft pick Ricky Rubio under contract. That’s right Ricky has reportedly agreed to a contract with the T-Wolves and the team was subsequently able to come up with the buyout money for Rubio’s former team Regal Barcelona. Jerry Zgoda of the Minnesota Star Tribue is reporting that Rubio has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow in Spain. While ESPN reports that there is one scheduled in Minnesota next week.

@JerryZgoda: Spanish media contact tells me Ricky Rubio will hold a news conference tomorrow morning in Barcelona and announce he’s headed to the NBA.

A Wolves source told the team expects Rubio to be in Minneapolis next week for a media conference. (ESPN)

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Personally, I can actually care less about Rubio. I’m just glad this whole Rubio saga is over.

I really think he’s going to wind up another European NBA bum much like Darko Milicic. The guy hasn’t proved that he can handle the competition in Spain, how is he going to handle the stronger, more physical players in the NBA?

Rubio lost his starting role this year with Barcelona. Yes, he’s only 20 and could be experiencing growing pains but I’ll say it again. He’s playing in Spain!!! The level competition there is nothing like what he’ll see here in the United States.

Sadly, the T-Wolves are probably better off leaving Luke Ridnour in the starting lineup.

So how did the deal get done?

It probably had a lot to do with Rubio losing his starting role but also in the fact that the Timberwolves finally found a way to pay Rubio’s buyout. NBA rules prohibit teams to paying $500,000, Rubio’s buyout was $1.4 million. They finally found some generous corporate sponsors to pay that difference and I do mean generous as the T-Wolves just plain out suck.

Like I said a little earlier, finally this whole Ricky Rubio saga is over. Now you can come over and we can just talk about what matters, your basketball skill or lack thereof.

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  1. miguel mozaz says:

    That´s ok,you don´t trust Ricky.In my opinion he is the most talented player ever in Spain.At 20 Pau Gasol was doing just fine in Barcelona and his brother Mark ,now a 12 points- 9 rebound player in NBA was playing for a smaller team as He wasn´t wanted by Barcelona coach.I guess you just forgot about the 2008 olimpic games final.There was Kobe and some others struggling to stop a 17 year old Ricky.It is true he didn´t have a good year but talent is there still.
    Please sell it LA or BOSTON.!

  2. […] to deal Flynn now that they have the point guard from that 2009 draft that they really wanted, Ricky Rubio, in the fold. What is a surprise to me is the Knicks willingness to deal […]

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