Kate Beckinsale Linked Up

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

It’s been a while since we’ve linked to some other blogs so we’re doing just that tonight! Here’s some of the things I read today that I enjoyed the most. After those I’d say enjoy the pics of Kate Beckinsale.

Larry Brown SportsSt. Paul Saints to Give Out Tweeting Weiner Boxer Shorts
The Hoop DoctorsIs Newly Retired Shaq Bored Already?
Terez OwensLike Dirk, If I Could be Like Dirk
Camel Clutch BlogTNA Wrestler Qualifies For Food Stamps & Celebrates On Twitter

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Busted CoverageNFL Logo On Porn, Hoochie Mama Lockout Party Flyers [Investigation]
Moon Dog SportsI Feel Better Now That LeBron James And Terrelle Pryor Have Apologized – NOT
New Era RadioFormer MLB commissioner Fay Vincent calls Mark Cuban, George Steinbrenner “a real problem”
Midwest Sports FansLeBron’s Failure All That Mattered in Cleveland


Don ChavezWhy Does Ke$ha Always Look Like She’s Been Hit In The Head With A Hammer?
Stiletto JillEx-NBA Player Antoine Wright Blasts Kings Organization & Coaching Staff
GunaxinWhy the U.S. Open Sucks!
Lake Show LifeIn Jim Buss We Trust

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