Pacers To Offer Ford A Buyout

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, February 18th, 2011

Last summer, the Indiana Pacers tried to offer point guard T.J. Ford a contract buyout and he rejected them. With the trade deadline approaching and no takers for his services, the Pacers look like they’ll be attempting to make that offer again. Personally, I can’t blame them he’s making $8.5 million and averaging less then 20 minutes per game (when he even plays). So the question will be does he take the offer?

@MikeWellsNBA: There’s a good chance that the Pacers will offer T.J. Ford a buyout if they don’t trade him by the deadline next week.

@MikeWellsNBA: Ford likely won’t accept buyout unless he can get his money back by signing with another team. He rejected Pacers buyout offer last summer

So there you have it Mike Wells is reporting that the Pacers will likely offer and Ford will likely decline. Makes total sense to me.

Ford is most likely not going to find a lot of money on the open market, so he’s going to want to make sure that buyout covers most of his remaining salary. This means the Pacers are going to have to offer a sizable amount of money to get Ford to void his contract and that’s something I don’t think they’ll do.

Personally, I think he’ll be sitting on the Pacers bench for the rest of the season. If the Pacers are struggling to find trade partners with an expiring contract the size of his, then they won’t find one in the next week. At the same time, I doubt he’ll find any team that will be willing to pay him the money he wants.

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