Dont Expect Pujols Trade

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, January 30th, 2011

All of you St. Louis Cardinals fans have more reason to want the Cards to sign Albert Pujols to an extension. Buster Olney of ESPN reports that the slugger will reject any trade proposals that come to his attention.

@Buster_ESPN: Wrote this in today’s column: Cardinals’ understanding is that if Pujols’ extension isn’t completed, he will reject all trade proposals.

So yea, I’d say the stakes just got a lot higher. The Cardinals now have 21 days to make something happen, will they? At this point they pretty much have too because the alternative isn’t too bright.

If they were at least able to trade Albert they could get a huge haul of prospects but now we see that option is off the table. Most likely to the size that no team has ever seen.

Cliff Lee to the Rangers? Zack Greinke to Milwaukee? Matt Garza to the Cubs? None of those returns would come anywhere close to what the Cards would of been able to receive for Pujols. A deal itself wouldn’t please the fans but would set the Cardinals up nicely for years to come.

Too bad that won’t happen.

If the Cardinals were to let Pujols leave via free agency all they would get in return would be two draft picks. That kind of return won’t make any fan or team executive happy, actually it would probably cause the Cards to lose some season ticket holders and someone their job.

So basically its time for GM John Mozeliak and ownership to get off their asses and make an extension happen. Yes, it will cost them an insane amount of money but compared to the alternative do they really have a choice?

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