More Hints At Pettitte Retiring

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

There’s been plenty of talk this off-season about Andy Pettitte of the New York Yankees and whether or not he’ll retire. Well first baseman Mark Teixeira joins the debate, so what does he have to say about it?

“I think, like everyone else [thinks], if he’s leaning one way, he’s probably leaning towards retiring,” Teixeira said on Tuesday “I think that’s what he’s publicly said. It’s no secret right now. That’s probably where he’s leaning. But in a month and a half, a lot can happen.” (per Ian Begley of ESPN New York)

So why does Teixeira think this?? Well a tex-message of course. Begley reports that the two recently had a conversation via text and that was the impression Mark was left with. Not surprisingly it coincides with the thoughts of those within the Yankees organization, including GM Brian Cashman.

Many think the Yankees will be basically given a death blow if Andy doesn’t return, especially after losing Cliff Lee to the Philadelphia Phillies. I’m not in that thinking, it could be me being a homer or just thinking the team still has enough talent to compete in a weak American League.

Personally, I think they’ve still got enough solid pieces to compete and if they can get a youngster to step up with a good mid-season trade then they’ll be right back to where they normally wind up, playing baseball in October. Mark agrees with that thinking too.

“We basically have the same team that won the World Series two years ago,” he said. “We’re going to miss Andy of course but we have some young guys who are going to try to step in and do the job.”

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