Romo Back At Practice

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was back at practice Monday throwing passes to his teammates. It was the first time since breaking his left clavicle that Romo actually participated in practice. With that being said is a return to the field nearing?

Plain and simple, no. Clarence Hill of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram says this was the first time he was on the field throwing passing routes, but was still wearing just a t-shirt and shorts. Till he’s in some pads and uniform a return is no where close.

The earliest return date for Romo was Week 15, if he returned at all, and that scenario still looks likely. Personally, I don’t even think he’ll touch the field again this year. Does interim coach, Jason Garrett really want to put his prized piece on the field in garbage time? Another hit could knock him out very long term and jeopardize Garrett’s own future with the team.

“I don’t want to get into a hypothetical but his mind-set and our mind-set is to get healthy,” Jason Garrett said. “We will make those decisions when we cross that bridge.” Unfortunately, if the doctors clear Romo that decision will probably come from the boss, Jerry Jones.

The most positive thing here to me is that Romo is WITH the team. Many players now decide to rehab and get back into shape on their own terms, usually away from the team. Not, Tony. He’s with the team and participating with the game planning.

Doing so will only help build his relationship with Garrett and help Jason land the job fulltime.

“He is engaged with our football team,” Garrett said. “He is in the training room getting his stuff done. But he is in meetings and has really been involved. He has certainly been involved in the preparation leading up to a game and on the sideline during a game.”

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