Lynch Back On The Block?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

According to a report by ESPN Milwaukee’s Jason Wilde the Buffalo Bills have placed Marshawn Lynch back on the trading block. “An NFL source said Monday night that the Bills, who had rebuffed not only the Packers’ advances but any team’s inquiries about the availability of the 2007 first-round draft pick, have put out word that they will at least start listening to offers for Lynch.”

If this true it comes to no surprise to me as the Bills are 0-3 and have no chance of a playoff spot this year. To me that would mean they need to go with C.J. Spiller as their main back and continue their rebuilding process. What surprises me thou is how long it’s taken the Bills to actually listen to offers. Matter of fact, I’m starting to wonder if Lynch was ever on the block this summer.

In my opinion, the Bills were playing a very dangerous game with the running back, IF they were seriously trying to trade him.

On one hand their asking price had been way too high, back in June it was said the Bills wouldn’t accept anything less then a fourth round pick for the former starter. That compensation has actually grown with some reports saying the Bills want both an offensive lineman AND a draft pick. Could be a little much.

On the other hand they relegated the back to third string during training camp, Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller were both ahead of him. In week one that didn’t change as Lynch was buried on the depth chart still, only carrying the ball three times for 13 yards.

You have to ask yourself what are the Bills thinking? If they wanted to trade back why are they demanding such compensation, while not giving the player an opportunity to showcase his skills?? Makes no sense whatsoever! UNLESS, Chan Gailey was telling the truth all summer that the team had no interest in trading him.

Starting in week two, the Bills gave Lynch a much heavier workload, 17 carries against the Packers. Yes, that’s a team that is interested in his services, so it could of been a showcase but it was followed by 13 carries in week three against the Patriots. Gailey even made comments that sounded like he wants to get the back more involved.

“He ran the ball pretty good [last week],” said Gailey. “You could tell he was rusty from last year not having played a ton and getting back into it this year.”

The more I think about it the more I think Gailey was genuine in his desire to keep Lynch and not trade him this off season. Now that the team is 0-3 thou, management realizes the need to move forward and give the team the best opportunity to win in the future. With that being said, I think Marshawn Lynch is NOW on the trading block, not back on the block like many have been saying.


So now that he is on the block, who’d want him. The most likely suitor would be the Green Bay Packers, hence the report from ESPN Milwaukee. The Pack is without Ryan Grant for the year and have no viable option to replace him. With no running game, quarterback Aaron Rodgers is getting absolutely hammered now and what was supposed to be a high powered offense is now sputtering.

Marshawn would be a huge boost for them and honestly, I think he could be a solid starter again if given the chance. If he just gave the same performances he’s had the last two weeks (a combined 30 carries for 143 yards) then a lot of pressure would be taken off of Rodgers. That would then help this offense get back on track.

The real question isn’t the Packers interest but whether GM Ted Thompson would answer the Bills asking price. He doesn’t typically trade draft picks but if this would be the Packs ticket to a championship should he? I’d say he should!


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