Timberwolves Making Draft Moves

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

There has been a hot rumor of the Minnesota Timerwolves packaging one of their late first round picks in the NBA draft with their number four pick, to move up one spot to number three. I’m not sure why that rumor is out there as it makes no sense whatsoever but today team president David Kahn denied it but another rumor quickly followed.

“The idea that we’re thinking we have to move up to three is ridiculous,” Kahn said. “We like four a lot. It’ll be fine, no matter how it plays out. I can assure you, with almost near certainty, that we will not try to move up in these last few days of the draft into the top three.”

ESPN’s Andy Katz said the team is actually in talks to move their 16th pick for the Memphis Grizzlies 25th and 28th picks. If this were to actually happen it would give the TWolves four picks in the first round. The 4th, 23rd, 25th and 28th, not a bad haul.

Now that rumor would make a lot of sense wouldn’t it? The TWolves are a very young team and can use as much young talent as they can get as they try to figure out which players can be competitive on the NBA level. If the trade with the Grizz happens they’ll have four rookies from the first round and two second round picks to add to the mix, that’s a lot of talent right there if they draft wisely.

The team is considering three players at number four, Syracuse forward Wesley Johnson, Georgia Tech forward Derrick Favors and Kentucky center DeMarcus Cousins. They all make sense as size is definitely something the team needs to prioritize on.

In the late first round they’d probably just draft the best available players, with that amount of picks you can take that kind of chance instead of focusing on just a position.

I’m hoping the Timberwolves make that trade with the Grizzlies, but even if they don’t they’ll still have three first round picks which will help their roster tremendously. But if they can add that fourth it would add some more chips to grow with the likes of Kevin Love, Jonny Flynn, Ramon Sessions, Corey Brewer, Ryan Gomes and company.

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