Things Getting Too Physical In Jacksonville

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, June 17th, 2010

So it appears that the practices in Jacksonville have been getting a little too physical for the NFL’s liking. Per Vic Ketchman of the NFL is putting a halt to the Jacksonville Jaguars OTA practices.

“The NFL Management Council and the NFL Players Association have resolved a complaint by the Players Association against the Jacksonville Jaguars concerning violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement’s offseason workout rules,” the NFL said in a statement to be released Thursday morning. “It was determined that the Jaguars violated the rules concerning the intensity and tempo of drills conducted on the club’s organized team activity days (“OTA days”).

“As a result, the Jaguars will forfeit a week of their offseason program (June 21-25, 2010). Jaguars players are not permitted to be at the facility on those days, but will be paid for the sessions. The club cannot reschedule the cancelled days.”

What’s interesting to me is how strict the NFL is getting on these workouts. It’s been years since teams have been forced to give up practice time, they’ve been warned but never disciplined. We’ve already had the Baltimore Ravens and Oakland Raiders punished, now the Jaguars join them. So what gives, why is the NFL getting so hard core on having these “softer” practices?

Personally, I think it’s the NFL Players Association. There is no doubt that these guys are upset that they aren’t getting the money they expected in an uncapped year. So what does the association do? They strike back in the subtle ways they can and in these cases its those anonymous player complaints. And I stress the word anonymous because who knows if there actually have been any.

With so many complaints this year the NFL has to take a stand if not the players association can file a grievance and then create unwanted media distractions. So what does the NFL do they have to take away practices from those teams.

Will this hurt the product on the field? No, not at all. Will it hit the pockets of the NFL owners? No, not a chance.

In the end its just the players way of subtly striking back.

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