Someone Wants To Play for the Mets???

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Yea really I know, there’s a player that actually WANTS to play for the New York Mets?? Actually, there is more then one. Kevin Millwood and Ty Wigginton of the Baltimore Orioles both expressed their love for New York. Both players even said they wouldn’t mind joining the Mets if the Orioles become sellers at the trade deadline. Would the combo be enough to put the Mets over the top in the very competitive National League East? I don’t know but they’d definitely provide a boost to the team.

“If the Mets called the Orioles and wanted to do something, I’d certainly look at it,” said Millwood, who has a limited no-trade clause. (via the New York Post) “If it came up, I’d definitely consider it a possibility.”

Definitely no beating around the bush their for Millwood, can anyone blame him? When discounting his 0-5 record you would see that he’s actually had a pretty damn good year for a horrendous team. His ERA is 3.89 over 11 starts, he’s struck out 58 batters in 74 innings, while only walking 17. The walk and strikeout totals, at this point, are his best in years. What’s even more impressive is that his best starts of the season have come within the division.

So really can you blame him for throwing out the idea of a change in scenery? Millwood signed a one-year deal this past offseason with the Orioles to prove he can still be an effective big league pitcher. He’s done just that and I’m sure a contender would definitely be interested in his services. Being a potential free agent the Orioles probably wouldn’t be able to get much in return for him, but isn’t anything better then nothing? Cause there is no doubt in my mind that he’ll be walking via free agency next winter.

His no trade clause won’t help the Orioles at all, so they might as well listen to his desires. “I wouldn’t mind pitching in New York,” Kevin Millwood said. “It’s a great city. But it’s not really up to me whether I do or don’t.”

Millwood would be a solid addition to the Mets rotation. The Mets have been getting solid pitching (lately) but still have plenty of question marks. Hisanori Takahashi is a rookie pitcher and the league could eventually catch up to him as teams see him more. R.A. Dickey has been great since being called up but remember his career ERA is 5.32. There’s only been two solid pitchers this year Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey, that’s definitely not enough for a team to win a division, let alone a championship. So adding a player like Kevin would definitely be a huge boost.


Wigginton is also another player enjoying a comeback type of year. He’s currently batting .282 with 13 homers and 32 rbis over 174 at bats. Numbers that are also his best in years. He’s making only $3.5 million this season in the last year of his contract and should be another player with plenty of options after this kind of production. If he kept up this type of production while playing for a contender, he’d definitely increase those options. So one can’t blame him for mentioning the trade word.

“I absolutely loved playing there,” Wigginton said of his time with the Mets. “But I really don’t think about what’s going to happen with trades and all that.”

Now Ty would be a huge addition in himself. The Mets are once again struggling with the long ball, so bringing in Wigginton could help in that aspect. Their leading hitters are Rod Barajas with 11 and David Wright having 9. When you add in Ty’s versatility he becomes that much more valuable. He can play first, second, third and even the outfield if needed. Versatility like that would be huge for a team like the Mets that seem to always have a player injured.


So right now there is no trade in the works, its just two players expressing their interest to move on if the Orioles are willing. Baltimore would be wise to listen and see what the Mets might be willing to offer, if the Mets themselves are even interested themselves. Cause really who knows if they even are.

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