McNabb and the Rams???

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

One of the hot rumors at today’s NFL Scouting Combine is that the St. Louis Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles are in talks about quarterback Donovan McNabb. The rumor is apparently from well informed sources but at the same time reporters at the same newspaper are at odds on if its even true. After reading both pieces at the, I’d chalk this rumor up to your usual combine madness but regardless lets take a look at both.

St. Louis Dispatch reporter Bryan Burwell is the one saying that the Rams have had discussions with the Eagles. Burwell is reporting that the Rams are interested in Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford but if he doesn’t check out medically they’ll look to deal for a veteran quarterback. He also says that a well informed source has told him that the QB they’re targeting is McNabb. Which makes sense.

Former Eagles QB coach Pat Shurmur is the Rams offensive coordinator, while Steve Spagnuolo is obviously the teams head coach. So basically there are two men in charge that have ties with the Eagles organization and McNabb, which could help in facilitating a trade.

What also makes a trade likely is the Rams draft position. Now there is no chance for the Eagles to acquire the Rams #1 overall pick, but the #1 overall pick in the second round is definitely a possibility. That won’t be enough to entice the Eagles to make a deal but I’m sure it will be a huge start as that is a very popular pick. The Rams are also looking to make some trades next week to possibly stockpile some picks, which could always be used as additional trade bait.


In my eyes this is all purely speculative too as Burwell doesn’t even have a quote from his well informed source. This could be someone in the Rams organization trying to drive up trade value for the number one pick.

Now to the other side of the argument, Burwell’s colleague Bernie Miklasz is thinking the total opposite. He thinks there is very minimal chance of the Eagles and Rams completing a deal.

His thinking is that the Eagles, especially Andy Reid, have to much respect for McNabb and if they do trade him it would be to a contender. McNabb’s now 34 and with a potential lockout looming he thinks Reid would want to give him a chance to win.

It’s a noble thought but this is business. If Reid trades McNabb its going to be in the best interest of the Eagles, in terms of return and potential competitors. The Eagles aren’t going to just send him to someone who can knock them out of the playoffs, its just like in baseball where the Toronto Blue Jays wouldn’t trade Roy Halladay within their division. You’re not going to trade a star player to someone who can keep you from winning a championship, sorry Miklasz it’s just not going to happen.

Now I do agree with Miklasz where he says the Rams are going to have to overpay for McNabb is there is truly a deal in the works. The main piece will be the #1 pick in the second round, that’s a given.

A little while after his post, Miklasz shared a quote from Coach Spags on his twitter page.

miklasz: Steve Spagnuolo on the Bernie Show: no talks between Rams & Eagles over QB Donovan McNabb.

While that could be true its what every NFL coach must say, they don’t want to jeopardize any deal that could be out there. What’s interesting to me thou is the Eagles haven’t said anything about this yet. Normally by now Reid would be telling someone that McNabb is his guy and will be his guy next season. We haven’t heard that yet, we’ll see if it happens during the five pm news hour here in Philly.

Like I said earlier, I feel this is one of those crazy combine rumors but at the same time it does bear some watching. Everyone knows the Eagles have to do something with one of their three quarterbacks. So just keep an eye on this.

One question I have is how will the Eagles fan base react to losing Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook and McNabb in a span of a year and a half??? Eagles fans let me know, what do you think?

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  1. Steve Hersh says:

    As a devout Eagles fan, it would be a travesty to lose a QB as talented as McNabb. He finally has some weapons to throw to. However, the Eagles are on a youth movement and Kevin Kolb, though still raw, has show some flashs of brilliance. If the Eagles can get some talent for McNabb, maybe a Kolb-led Eagles can get them to the playoffs.

  2. As a McNabb fan, I would hate to see him go, but we need a couple studs for our “D.” McNabb might get us enough to get Berry or Haden with a subsequent package; and one of those stud second round safetys. Kolb with Vick backing him up while improving our “D” tremendously would excite me with the season.

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