2010 NFL Mock Draft

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, January 22nd, 2010


With the NFL now entering the League Championship portion of its playoffs I think its time to finally update my 2010 NFL Mock Draft. There’s not anything profound I can say right here, cause really it’s just a mock draft. Leave comments and let me know your opinions of who your team should draft.

1. St. Louis Rams – QB Jimmy Clausen – Notre Dame.

Most have Ndamukong Suh as the number one pick as he’s the best player in this years draft but we all have learned that’s not enough to make someone the number one pick. Suh should be a monster but the Rams have spent a couple number one picks on the defensive line recently (Chris Long and Adam Carriker) and what do they have to show for it? Suh would provide a huge boost to the defense which Spags would love but really this team’s need is at QB.

Marc Bulger career is winding down, he’s getting beat up way to much and what makes things worse is the Rams haven’t groomed anyone to take over. Clausen is that guy that can step right in, if he has to wait part of the year so be it, but he’s the future of the Rams offense. And that’s a unit that really needs a spark.

2. Detroit Lions – DT Ndamukong Suh – Nebraska

I believe the Lions should really go after an offensive lineman here as they gave up way to many sacks last year, 43 and hits on the QB, 94. Protecting last years #1 overall pick Matthew Stafford should be their priority but how can they pass up a talent like Suh?

Their defense was absolutely atrocious and also needs the help. Suh will clog up the middle commanding attention from two lineman on almost every play which should help out the rest of the Lions defense.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DT Gerald McCoy – Oklahoma

In my eyes this is the first no brainer pick of the draft. The Bucs can also use help in the secondary but drafting a guy like McCoy could also give that secondary some help. Much like Suh he’s going to command double teams on many plays and for a defensive tackle to do that is huge.

4. Washington Redskins – QB Sam Bradford – Oklahoma

Personally, I’d select an offensive lineman here especially with Coach Shanahan willing to give Jason Campbell another shot this season. Campbell has looked good in spurts but horrible more often then not. There’s been one constant thou, he’s never really gotten the protection that an NFL QB needs to be effective. I’d give him Russell Okung and see what he can do.

Unfortunately, there’s a new boss in town with Shanahan and he’s a coach who is going to want his own pieces to run HIS offense. With Claussen off the board, that makes Bradford the man.


5. Kansas City Chiefs – OT Russell Okung – Oklahoma State

If Okung falls to the Chiefs there is no chance he drops anymore. The Chiefs could use some help on the defensive end but they need to protect the franchise, Matt Cassell. The guy is making too much money to get beat around like a rag doll. Having Okung at left tackle and Brandon Albert back to his natural guard position should take the Chiefs offensive line to the next level.

6. Seattle Seahawks – S Eric Berry – Tennessee

Part of me wants to go offensive line here, the ‘Hawks have a huge need there. It’s a position many of us thought they’d go after last year but they passed and I think that will happen again this year. The real question is what does Coach Carroll do here?

Does he pull the collegiate to pro coach mistake and take one of his own highly rated players over a clearly more talented player? Eric Berry or Taylor Mays? I think Carroll is smart enough to make the right pick here. Berry is infinitely better and a huge playmaker on the defensive side of the ball, he’ll be the pick here.

7. Cleveland Browns – CB Joe Haden – Florida

The Browns obvious need is at QB but with Claussen and Bradford off the board there is no one to take here. Instead they’ll take this drafts shut down corner, Joe Haden. Some have compared him to Darrelle Revis, if that comparison ever comes to fruition what will his nickname be?? Jets fans have Revis Island what will the Dawg Pound come up with?

8. Oakland Raiders – DE Carlos Dunlap – Florida

There are numerous players here that Al Davis could select, because we all know he’s making the pick. It could be another wide receiver with blazing speed (Dez Bryant). It could by a safety with amazing abilities and a local product (Taylor Mays).

I’d say it winds up Carlos Dunlap. He’s also a freakish specimen and what makes him a perfect fit is he has character issues. How does Davis pass on him?

9. Buffalo Bills – OT Bruce Campbell – Maryland

With no QB’s on the board the Bills are like the teams ahead of them forced on settling on other needs. Most glaring for them would be offensive help; they gave up 46 sacks in 2009, 4th worst in the league. The question is whom do they go after Campbell or Anthony Davis of Rutgers. Pre-combine I’ve got Campbell rated a little higher so that’s who I’ll go with, for now.


10. Jacksonville Jaguars – QB Tim Tebow – Florida

I’m sorry I’m drinking the kool aid too people. Not that Tebow will be a legitimate NFL QB but the kool aid that the Jags are just all about selling tickets in 2010. Who cares Tebow is a flop, ownership and the NFL is sick and tired of that stadium having so many empty seats. If drafting Tebow doesn’t help a move to LA could be in the works. I’d still say it will be in the cards, hype only sells tickets so long.

11. Denver Broncos (from Chicago Bears) – WR Dez Bryant – Oklahoma State.

To me this is an easy pick. The Broncos showed down the stretch how thin they really are at the wide receiver position. They’ve got Brandon Marshall (will he be traded this off season) and Eddie Royal, after that what’s really good? Not much. Bryant brings talent and depth to a unit that completely fell apart down the stretch.

12. Miami Dolphins – DE Jason Pierre-Paul – South Florida

I was leaning towards Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech on this pick; he’s a menace at defensive end and would be a perfect replacement for the aging Jason Taylor. But you know what? I remembered how much Bill Parcells still loves his linebackers. Pierre-Paul is a defensive end who can drop back into coverage and even play some LB, which will be the kicker when Parcells makes this pick.

13. San Francisco – DE Derrick Morgan – Georgia Tech

The 49ers have two major needs a pass rusher and an offensive lineman. Lucky for them they have two picks, I was leaning towards Anthony Davis of Rutgers here but you know what Morgan is too good of a talent to pass up. There are plenty of OT’s available that they should be able to wait for one.

14. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver Broncos) – RB CJ Spiller – Clemson

First things first, if the ‘Hawks pass on a safety with their first pick Taylor Mays of USC will be the pick if he’s still available. There’s no way Carroll lets his guy fall past him this late in the draft. With all the very talented offensive lines still on the board you’d have to think that’s where the Seahawks go. I think otherwise.

Carroll got his playmaker on defense with Eric Berry and now he’s going to go for a playmaker on offense and special teams. With no franchise QB available, he’ll go with Spiller. He’s the type of guy that can be a homerun threat every time he touches the ball, his new version of Reggie Bush?

15. New York Giants – S Earl Thomas – Texas

The Giants have huge needs on the defensive side of the ball, defensive tackle, a coverage linebacker and safeties. They can easily address one of those here as there is plenty of each available. With the uncertainty about Kenny Phillips, I’d think they address the safety position first. With the Giants switching to a Cover 2 type defense next season I think Thomas would be the better selection over Taylor Mays.

16. Tennessee Titans – DE Everson Griffen – USC
The Titans pass defense was absolutely atrocious last season but I think a lot of that was due to pressure on the QB. It was something the front seven could just not do. The line is getting older and its time to add some young blood to the mix. Griffen is a guy who can rush the passer but also defend against the run, he should be a solid pick here for the Titans.

17. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina Panthers) – OT Anthony Davis – Rutgers

Thanks to the needs of the teams picking in between the Niners two picks, they should easily be able to get one of the tackles they covet. The pick here will be Davis or Bryan Bulaga of Iowa. I have Davis rated higher so he’s the guy I’m going with. At 17, he could wind up being considered a steal.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – S Taylor Mays – USC

The Steelers needed offensive help in last years draft and this year the unit showed they still need that help. Unfortunately, the secondary became a huge weakness after the injury to Troy Polamolu. With Mays falling this far there is no chance in hell that Pittsburgh lets this talent fall any further.

19. Atlanta Falcons – LB Rolando McClain – Alabama

The Falcons pass defense was pretty poor in 2009 but yet there are no real weaknesses on either side of the ball. They could use help in the secondary but the need is not big enough for them to go oh my god we need a corner. With that being said I think they go with the best defensive player left and one that really shouldn’t of fallen this far, Rolando McClain. He’s a linebacker who can play the 4-3 or 3-4 and is good enough in pass coverage that he should be able to help the Falcons improve their pass d ranking.


20. Houston Texans – CB Donovan Warren – Michigan

Personally, I’d go with running back Jahvid Best here but the Texans secondary is just that bad. A player like Warren would be an instant upgrade, not at just the cornerback position but the secondary as a whole.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – WR Arrelious Benn – Illinois

After the death of Chris Henry the Bengals offense became run first as they just could not throw the ball, they didn’t have the talent. So with that being said it makes wide receiver a no-brainer for the Bengals. The question is do they go with a young, talented kid in Benn or a more polished, pro style offense player in Damian Williams. Personally, I’d go with Williams but Benn fits the profile of a Bengals player.

22. New England Patriots – TE Jermaine Gresham – Oklahoma

Most are going to point at the linebackers and say this is what the Patriots need the most but I doubt Coach Belichick will go that way. So what does that leave running back, secondary and tight end. Jahvid Best could be an option as a running back but I don’t really see him fitting in with the Patriots scheme. With that being said, I think Belichick will take a stab at Gresham. If he shows to be healthy over the next few months he could be a huge boost to the Patriots offense.

23. Green Bay Packers – OT Bryan Bulaga – Iowa

The Packers were the leagues worst in protecting the quarterback, giving up 51 sacks. So yea the offensive line will be addressed first. With Bulaga still on the board the Packers get themselves a potential franchise offensive tackle who is equally good against the pass and the rush.

24, Philadelphia Eagles – DT Brian Price – UCLA

The Eagles don’t have many needs so I think they return to Coach Reid’s bread and butter when it comes to the draft, the defensive line. The last couple years he’s gone playmaker and done a great job, this year he goes back to his roots. Price is arguably the third best defensive tackle in this draft and shooting up draft boards. He should be a clog in the middle of the Eagles line allowing the team to do what it does, blitz. Even better? Price can get the QB himself.

25. Baltimore Ravens – WR Golden Tate – Notre Dame

I was close to selecting USC’s Damian Williams here as I consider him the third best receiver in the class but there is something about Tate. He’s got the speed, route running but more importantly can make the plays that make his QB look good. A young QB like Joe Flacco could use a receiver like that. Tate and Flacco could be an electrifying combo next year.

26. Arizona Cardinals – LB Sergio Kindle – Texas

With the Cardinals switching to a 3-4 defense and struggling to get pressure on the quartberack last season, they’ve got to go linebacker. Sergio Kindle is a player who can go 3-4 and get the pressure.

27. Dallas Cowboys – OT Trent Williams – Oklahoma

The Cowboys would love to draft a natural nose tackle in this years draft, it would make their defense even better. But with their defense being the team’s strength I think they begin to look towards the future of their offensive line. Flozell Adams is aging and a potential liability with the amount of penalties he draws. Williams is a guy who projects to be a solid offensive tackle and could learn a lot sitting behind Adams in 2010.

28. San Diego Chargers – RB Jahvid Best – Cal
Last year I really thought the Chargers would draft a running back, you know with the LT drama that was taking place. They didn’t and he came back, I doubt that happens in 2010 thou so that means the Chargers will have to draft their future back. I’ve said before how I don’t consider Darren Sproles a full-time back, nice complement but not someone you want to give the keys to the offense too.

For now I’m going to go with Best because of his big play ability, what worries me thou is he’s too much like Sproles. I’m pretty sure I’ll be changing this pick at a later date.

29. New York Jets – NT Terrance Cody – Alabama

The Jets are going to be ecstatic to see Cody and Dan Williams of Tennessee fall this far. Both are prototypical nose tackles for the 3-4 defense so with both there Rex Ryan has options. Cody is the higher rated tackle, so I’ll go with him for the moment.

30. Minnesota Vikings – OG Mike Iupati – Idaho

Adrian Peterson and the Vikings running game struggled late in the season and it wasn’t cause of Brett Favre being a gun slinger. The reason is the inconsistent protection from the offensive line. Iupati should help clean that up as his strength is run blocking. Fixing the offensive line will go a long way in making AP happy.

31. New Orleans Saints – NT Dan Williams – Tennessee

I was leaning towards Jerry Hughes of TCU here, drafting him would create a deadly combo at linebacker with him and Jonathan Vilma. But here’s the reason why I’m not drafting him, the Saints biggest weakness on defense is stopping the run. Drafting Williams who shouldn’t still be on the board would go a long way in solving that. He’s your typical 3-4 defense nose tackle who can clog things up, throw him in a 4-3 and it frees up the defensive ends to create more havoc.

32. Indianapolis Colts – DE/DT Jared Odrick – Penn State

The Colts don’t have many needs but they do have a couple defensive ends hitting free agency after the 2010 season. Drafting Odrick here will help protect them should both players leave. Even better is that he can also play the defensive tackle position, could he wind up being the Colts version of Justin Tuck? A guy who can rotate between all defensive line positions, creating havoc wherever he is?

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  1. Mike j says:

    Jax will not take Tebow rd.1. McClain is much too low.No way he would get past Tom Coughlin. Otherwise, a nice effort.

  2. florida ted says:

    Watch for NE to trade up with Jville and draft McClain or Jason Pierre Paul I don’t see them staying put this year need starters now for dfense plenty of talent left for 2nd round picks dfense,and running back immediate needs…Jvill can take Tebow(BUST IN NFL) with the 22nd pick from Patriots and pick up additional pick in 2nd round. How about pats trading their #1 and oaklands #1 2011 to move up???plenty of things to think about

  3. […] welcome My Sports Rumors to the Database.  That update will be added shortly.   Welcome also to Mile High Report.  Red […]

  4. Bucwild22 says:

    I thought your mock was really well thought out, until I saw you have Jacksonville take Tebow! Its not going to happen, am a Gator fan and absolutely Tebow, but there’s no way he goes in the 1st round.

  5. I think the Chargers should take Fresno
    State Phenom running back Ryan Matthews.
    The next A Peterson.The need a back that can find his own yardage,no matter how good or bad the O line is.This guy can do that.He can change a game at a moments notice.With him the Chargers will be Super Bowl bound.

  6. Teagan says:

    the eagles dont have many needs but the DT isnt one of them, DE, OLB, S we have drafted three DT in the first two rounds since i think 2005 why take another

  7. cpoled says:

    While NT Terrance Cody is a good player. He is a “space eater” and doesn’t get penetration. I feel the Jets would take NT Dan Williams. If he wasn’t available, CB Kyle Wilson. Their needs are CB,DE,an edge rusher OLB & WR

  8. SportsBarmy says:

    Hi. As a cyber newbie I dont normally make any comments. However, a blog is a authority if it has stable followers who read, connect and disperse the content that you originate. Finding illustrious resources like this website are very uncommon. Buoyant to be very a minuscule sliver of this website .. by commenting here! Thank-You.

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