The Daily Dunk 1/17/10

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Here we go, a weekend edition of the Daily Dunk. Looking over highlight it looks like it was a fairly slow night highlight wise but some of the NBA’s big names went on a roll last night, meaning I was able to find just enough videos today to make the Daily Dunk happen.

We’ll get things going with an alley-oop in the Sacramento Kings / Washington Wizards game. This went from being an ugly bouncing ball all over the court play on the Washington end of the court to a nice simple alley-oop from Tyreke Evans to Spencer Hayes on the other end.

Next up we’ve got one from the King, Lebron James. He made a steal against the Los Angeles Clippers and took the rock coast to coast himself with a powerful jam on the finish. He tried to do the ol’ jump from the free throw line but took one huge step to much to make it happen. When you watch his speed on this play you’ll see that the dunk wasn’t even the most impressive part.

Got another alley-oop for you today. The Ronnie’s out in Utah took it to the Milwaukee Bucks on this play. Ronnie Price made the pretty sweet pass from long range and Ronnie Brewer slammed it home.

When it comes to plays in the post one of my favorite is the putback dunk, preferably the power ones that shake the rim and make all the defenders underneath feel like shit. Well, Amare Stoudemire did just that last night against the Charlotte Bobcats, too bad his team was the one getting embarrassed at that time.

This next one probably included the most star power of any of the dunks today. It involved Rudy Gay and Tim Duncan. Duncan played some help defense in the post and I’d have to say it was pretty weak at that.

Finally is the dunk that NBATV chose as their Dunk of the Night. It comes from Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. It was a steal in the back court taken all the way down for the one handed jam. It was nice, I just don’t know if it was really the Dunk of the Night thou. What do you think?


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