Last Goon Squad of 2009

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

2009 was a great year for this blog but an even better year for some of the bloggers that I work with. I can go into all of the accomplishments they’ve had this year but that could take a while and make this a pretty long post. What I’m going to do instead is just make a nice link post to these guys, something I haven’t done in a while.

Before I get into that thou you have to head over to Steady Burn and check out the post Mike put together. It’s a post to some of the best blog posts of 2009 and a lot of the people I worked with are included here. So make sure to check out his 2009 ‘Best Post’ Blogging Retrospective.

Now to the links

PSAMPNorth Shore > Jersey Shore
NESW SportsDick Vitale Gets a T.O. Baby
Global Sports FraternitySixth Man of the Day: Danilo Gallinari
Hugging Harold ReynoldsWaiting For Godunk: ‘Tis the Season

Not Qualified to CommentTop Ten Biggest Douchebags in Basketball
Unathletic MagThe Baseball Practice Fail of 2009?
Arrowhead AddictsMini-Blueprint: Mike Leach For Offensive Coordinator
GunaxinIt’s Frosty Snow Hotties!

Moon Dog SportsMan, Wearing Only His Boxers, Kills Deer With a Tree Limb
Camel Clutch BlogThe Camel Clutch Blog WWE 2009 Year In Review
GuyismCincinnati Bengals cheerleader sues website for defamation
Midwest Sports FanTwo More Reasons to Hate Colts Fans: Petulance and Patriots Envy

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