The Daily Dunk

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

I love basketball but it’s so hard to watch an NBA game. Seriously, it’s pretty painful. The games are so slow and there isn’t much excitement anymore. Most people say just watch the last couple minutes, that that’s the only part worth watching. Me, I’d rather just watch the highlights and get all the exciting plays wrapped in to a 30-second clip with the final score. Which got me thinking.

A new feature debuts here today, and that’s the Daily Dunk. There won’t be game highlights and recaps, it will be a six pack of dunks that I found exciting from the previous day. The dunks could come from both the NCAA and the NBA. Most days this will be up by noon, so if you got a dunk you want to see listed, email me early on mysportsrumors [@] and you could see it here.

The first video comes via my boys over at Pippin Ain’t Easy. This is Shannon Browns fast break jam in the Lakers / Bulls game.

The next video comes from the Pistons / Rockets game where Aaron Brooks and Chase Budinger dialed it up from long range on a deep alley-oop.

Up next is Michael Beasley of the Miami Heat. He has a great defensive play on one end turning it into a big jam. This one has to be the favorite of the day.

Gerald Wallace absolutely embarrassed my Knicks last night, scoring 21 points. Two of the points came from a monster windmill dunk.

Out in Portland the Sacramento Kings Beno Udrich and Jason Thompson teamed up on a pretty sweet dunk themselves. The best part of this dunk was actually Udrich’s drive to the hole that opened up the lane for Thompson.

Finally, we’re going to go back to the Pistons / Rockets game. Jonas Jerebko had a pretty nice dunk that really shouldn’t of been all that impressive. Well that’s till Carl Landry thought he had a chance to block it.

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