Allen Iverson Press Conferences

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, December 4th, 2009

So, Allen Iverson has signed with the Philadelphia 76ers. My thought big freaking deal, I could care less about the guy. He’s still better then half the league so it will be nice to see him get to continue on instead of retiring. But really, I could care less. There’s only one thing I like about this signing and that’s his wonderful press conferences.

Yesterday I had the chance to watch Allen Iverson’s reunion press conference and I couldn’t help but laugh throughout most of it. In the beginning it was well your normal interview till the water works came on and then you knew things would get good. His interviews always have some sort of drama involved and that’s why I’m excited to see him in Philly again.

If the team continues to struggle or the fans/media get on him for poor performance or ball hogging type play then the fireworks will be on! Watching yesterday’s press conference made me think of some other memorable AI interviews, and not just the infamous practice one.

First here’s yesterdays video.

Right after that AI did an interview with Vai Sikahema and John Clark of NBC10 in Philly. They asked him about practice and well umm…..

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Surprised ya there, didn’t think it would be funny huh? For those that think AI’s tears were genuine yesterday, I don’t know. He’s cried in interviews before and even at benefits.

Those tears thou aren’t nearly as good as when he gets angry and you know how can I post emotional Iverson videos without this one. WE GOT TO TALK ABOUT PRACTICE!

I’m sorry that still has to be one of the greatest press conferences of ALLLLL TIME! I will say I’m impressed with how he’s matured since that incident and can just laugh about it. Much like he did in that NBC10 video you just saw. He’s had other interviews where the issue came up and he reacted much the same. Take a look at the press conference that introduced him as a Detroit Piston.

One of my favorite more entertaining interviews of his thou is a very old one and its all about MJ. I can’t remember when this is, shit I actually didn’t even remember it till I came across it on You Tube yesterday. The video quality is pretty shitty on this one but the audio is good.

So yea, who in Philly can’t be excited about Iverson’s return? Most are for his basketball play but for people like me we just can’t wait to see what he’s going to do behind the mic. Will he be funny? Will he be angry? Will he let out all of that emotion again and start crying?

No one knows but I’m sure we’re going to get to see all of it over the next few months. It’s Philly it brings the best and worst of him out.

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