McGrady Plans His Return

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, November 9th, 2009

Houston Rockets forward Tracy McGrady is finally ready to play some basketball again. The former NBA star has declared himself ready to return to the court on November 18th against the Minnesota Timberwolves, after eight months of rehab on his repaired knee.

There is a catch thou. McGrady delcared himself ready to play and set his own date for a return. Team doctors have not yet cleared the forward to play. The Yahoo article about this says that the team doesn’t expect there to be any problems with that, even thou there were no on the record confirmations.

“Excited to get back and compete at a high level again,” McGrady said in an email to Yahoo! Sports. “For a full year I had to play on one leg against the best and I couldn’t compete with anybody the way I was feeling… It’s gonna be a relief to get out there and play knowing what I went [through] last season and this summer.”

It should be interesting to see how his return affects a team that’s playing fairly well right now. The Rockets are missing both McGrady and center Yao Ming but are off to a 4-2 start, with one of those losses coming in overtime to the Los Angeles Lakers. They’ve got some chemistry but could definitely use some veteran leadership.

My worry for this young team is how long Tracy can stay on the court. He’s not yet 100 percent so he won’t be at his best, not even close. After microfracture surgery you have to wonder if he will ever be close to what he formerly was. Any type of setback could of damaged any chemistry the young team has with their current rotation.

With him not being 100%, it’s only a matter of time before he needs a day off to rest that surgically repaired knee. I’m sure he won’t be playing in back to back games for the first few months, the doctors won’t want to risk a setback. But then again something as small as a twisted ankle (something very common in basketball) could easily send the forward to the bench.

If McGrady gets off to a quick start the team should really take off but then again that could lead to another distraction. If he’s performing at a high level the trade rumors will begin again. Numerous teams will be calling about his expiring contracts and it will force the kids to talk about something other then basketball.

His return is good and bad for the Rockets, but for Tracy it’s a great thing. He’s worked hard to get back to this point and being in the lineup will be a great joy to him. Unfortunately as a New York Knicks fan I’ll most likely be hearing Tracy to the Knicks rumors again soon.

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  1. DJ says:

    Tracy McGracy is my favorite player. I hope he comes back and has a great year. Then I hope he gets signed by a team that can actually challenge for the NBA Championship. He won 2 scoring titles and got very little recognition. When he is healthy he is as good as anybody in the game. I would like to see T-Mac when an NBA ring.

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