Agassi – Early Signs of Abuse

by admin | Posted on Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Many of us were shocked to hear that Andre Agassi used meth during a portion of his playing days. When you look at old tennis footage and interviews you start to wonder were there early signs of the abuse? Can you pinpoint when he actually started just by his actions? Well you can. The Tonight Show’s Conan O’Brien found some footage that was very telling. After watching this you’ll wonder how he was still so good at that time. Tell me what you think.

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  1. Greg Delaney says:

    Pretty soon Agassi will start naming names to sell his next book… it’ll be like Jose Canseco all over again

  2. Paul Brown says:

    Well I think it totally sux actually. Agassi was a hero–especially the way he came back. What NO-one seems to be discussing is that METH AMPHETAMINE, especially in the short term, is a TOTAL performance enhancer. It unleashes far more sheer energy than any other drug.

    Agassi resuscitated his career in 1998, making the biggest one-year jump into the top 10 in the history of the ATP rankings—to the extent that that was facilitated by his being hyped up on Speed it’s a disgrace to tennis records. He should be stripped of whatever titles he won if he was using meth ON the courts when he won them.

    Poor Andre MY FOOT. I can sympathize with anyone who has a drug addiction but I have no sympathy for any professional athlete using Speed and then disclosing it as though the only issue is the purging of his unhappy times cleaning the house in a a Tina tweak.

    Imagine Michael Phelps doing a 50 meter free on Speed!

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