All Coal for this Christmas

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Things have gotten pretty bad for former Temple University star Dionte Christmas this week. On Wednesday he was released by the Philadelphia 76ers. The release wasn’t really a surprise as the Sixers are pretty deep at the guard position. He had some pretty good talent, a high motor and made a great impression on the coaching staff but he just got caught in the numbers game.

“He’s played out of position, playing forward instead of guard,” Sixers coach Eddie Jordan said recently. “We have so many guards right now and he should be at guard. I like him a lot. I loved him since summer league. He’s inquisitive about the league, about what I did (as a player) — that was a short story … He’s the type of guy that if you’re going to keep an extra guy, he’s the type of guy you keep.”

Unfortunately for him the Sixers couldn’t keep that extra guy.

What’s really unfortunate is what happened Thursday night with the youngster. A highway patrol officer spotted Dionte’s car driving very erratically, so he was naturally pulled over. First thought of course is ok, it must be a DUI nothing major, quite a bit of athletes have one. But it wasn’t the erratic driving or the fact that he didn’t have a drivers license that got him into the big trouble.

The Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that Christmas was found with a loaded weapon in his car. Officers found a Hi-Point 9 MM Semi-Automatic hand gun loaded with seven rounds. The weapon was tucked away underneath the drivers seat and the driver was Dionte. He was expected to be charged with felony weapon charges during the night.

After all the positive things we’ve heard about this kid lately this is completely surprising. His former coach at Temple Fran Dunphy even said “His desire is critical to any success I hope he achieves in the NBA. He wants to be coached, he wants to learn, he wants to be part of the team. He realizes how much hard work he has to put in to attain his goal and he’s willing to do that.”

Unfortunately for the kid this could squash his chances at landing with another NBA team, at least in the near future.

Wait did I say unfortunately? Maybe he’ll learn that what he was doing was absolutely idiotic and that if you want to be a professional you can’t act like a thug off the street.

You’re not in college anymore, you’re not on the streets anymore, you’re attempting to be an NBA player. Grow the F UP !

Maybe all of this will wind up a good thing for the kid. If he can learn all of that, combine it with his desire and actions on the basketball court, AND escape major consequences in a court room then this could be a positive.

Now will all of that happen? Highly unlikely, he’s definitely going to be blacklisted for many NBA teams.

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