Week 5 NFL Picks

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, October 8th, 2009


Hard to believe its already Week 5 of the NFL season, time is flying but here we are and its time to make the picks for the week. But first lets take a quick look back at Week 4.

Week 4 was another solid one for me. I went 10-4 with the picks but was more impressive with the closeness between my predicted scores and actual scores.

First off, I nailed the Monday night score, predicting Minnesota to win by a score of 30-23. Take a look at last week’s picks, it’s a fact.

Here are the other near misses.

Indianapolis won 34-17. My predicted score was 33-17. (1 point miss)
New England won 27-21. My prediction was 27-24.
Cincinnati won 23-20. My prediction was 23-20 but with Cleveland winning.
Washington won 16-13. My prediction was 17-12.
NY Giants won 27-16. My prediction was 27-10.
New Orleans won 24-10. My prediction was 24-18.

So as you see a lot of near misses there, but quite a few correct guesses on individual team scores. I’ll admit its not much skill, picking the correct score is a crap shoot but it still feels good on weeks like that where you nail a couple.

Anyways let’s get started with the Week 5 picks.

As always home teams are in caps. Note: I don’t use the spread in my picks but if betting is your thing you can hit up Bodog Sportsbook and get all the latest lines on the NFL.

BALTIMORE 27, Cincinnati 20 – The Bengals were starting to look like they could be playoff contenders, a battle with Cleveland changed that thinking. Should be a close game but the Ravens won’t have a problem pulling this one out. Not to sure if it will be Joe Flacco or the defense winning this one thou.

BUFFALO 17, Cleveland 13 – I really thought things were finally going to click with the Bills offense last week against the Dolphins. That didn’t happen. Terrell Owens and Trent Edwards had a couple moments but they were just that. Expect a low scoring battle between two bad offenses.

CAROLINA 20, Washington 14 – I don’t like anything about this game at all. It’s got the makings of something pretty ugly. I don’t even like the Panthers in this contest, what it does thou is how little I think of the Redskins offense.

Pittsburgh 24, DETROIT 16 – I don’t see how the Lions have any chance against the Steelers without Matt Stafford at QB. Even with Stafford they’d have a minimal chance.

Dallas 20, KANSAS CITY 13 – The Cowboys look like one of the most overrated teams in football this season. Luckily for them they play the lowly Chiefs this weekend where they won’t have to do much to win. I almost took the Chiefs with an upset here, especially after looking at how the Dallas offense played last week, only problem is I don’t think the Chiefs will be able to score enough. So expect the Cowboys to squeeze by. Don’t worry Chiefs fans you’re almost done with the NFC East.

NY GIANTS 26, Oakland 13 – With or without Eli Manning the Giants shouldn’t have any problem with the Raiders.

PHILADELPHIA 31, Tampa Bay 13 – The Eagles offense is going to be firing on all cylinders with Donovan McNabb back behind center. Expect a high offensive output as #5 looks to prove his doubters wrong once again. And for Tampa that means another long week.

LOCK – Minnesota 24, St. Louis 3 – The Rams can’t score points and I don’t see how that will change against a stingy Vikings run defense. Favre will put up some early points and then Adrian Peterson will run out the clock.

SAN FRANCISCO 30, Atlanta 23 – Another tough matchup for the 49ers this week but one that they should win. Once again they’ll be playing without Frank Gore but should still have no problem putting up points against the Falcons defense.

Houston 30, ARIZONA 24 – I think this game has a chance to be very entertaining. Of course it depends on which offense shows up, for both teams that is. If both teams offenses show up there can be some major fireworks in Arizona. I think the Texans pull this one out as the Cardinals continue to sleep after the bye week.

New England 27, DENVER 17 – Denver you’ve had a great start to the season, you’re 4-0 and get to come home to the Mile High in weather you like. Cold, snowy and rainy. What does that earn you thou? A date with the Patriots a team who has proven time and time again they too can play in those conditions. With that being said Tom Brady’s experience in these types of games will lead the Pats to another hard fought win.

Jacksonville 20, SEATTLE 10 – This is another game I don’t like one bit, but really with Seneca Wallace at QB the ‘Hawks have no chance. If Hasselbeck winds up playing things could be very different.

Indianapolis 24, TENNESSEE 18 – I’ve got the Colts winning this one but this has a potential upset on it. The Titans are not as bad as their record indicates, well that’s what we all keep telling each other. The Colts and Titans always have some pretty good matchups and I wouldn’t expect anything less then that this Sunday night. With how well the Colts are playing I’ll take Indy to win but beware this could be Tennessee’s first win.

UPSET – MIAMI 24, NY Jets 21 – Not sure if you can really call this one an upset, but out of all the games I’ve picked this would be considered one. The Dolphins are still struggling at 1-3 but they look like a completely different team with Chad Henne at the helm. The Jets will get a boost with Braylon Edwards but there will be some growing pain as he learns the system. As long as the ‘Fins offense keeps improving under Henne I’ll take them for the win.

There you that’s what I think about week 5 in the NFL.

LAST WEEK – 10-4
LOCK – 3-1
UPSET – 3-1

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  1. steve says:

    love the site the two that scare me the most are indy and tennessee and denver new england at mile high the denver defense was awesome last week their is in their corners i think they can cover indy

  2. steve says:

    strength is in their corners sorry bad typing by the way nice call on the monday game you nailed it

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