NFL Power Rankings Week 5

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Here we are Week 4 is over so it’s time for the Week 5 NFL Power Rankings. There was quite a bit of movement again in the rankings as there were some very key games.

You had Baltimore / New England, Minnesota / Green Bay, New Orleans / New York Jets. Five of those six were in our Top 10 last week so you knew that meant changes were a coming. And did they ever.

1. New York Giants
2. Indianapolis Colts
3. Minnesota Vikings
4. New Orleans Saints
5. New England Patriots
6. Baltimore Ravens
7. New York Jets
8. Philadelphia Eagles
9. Atlanta Falcons
10. Denver Broncos
11. San Diego Chargers
12. Chicago Bears
13. Pittsburgh Steelers
14. San Francisco 49ers
15. Dallas Cowboys
16. Miami Dolphins
17. Green Bay Packers
18. Cincinnati Bengals
19. Jacksonville Jaguars
20. Arizona Cardinals
21. Seattle Seahawks
22. Buffalo Bills
23. Houston Texans
24. Tennessee Titans
25. Washington Redskins
26. Detroit Lions
27. Carolina Panthers
28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
29. Oakland Raiders
30. Cleveland Browns
31. Kansas City Chiefs
32. St. Louis Rams

Here are my thoughts.

The Giants may have the shortest stay at #1 this season should Eli Manning have to miss any games with his heel injury.

Should the Saints have kept #1 after a win over the NY Jets? I don’t think so not with the way the Jets defense shut them down. Should they have fallen all the way to #4? Maybe not, but hey this is how I think the NFL stacks up right now.

The Broncos finally crack my Top 10 with their first solid win of this season, well what could possibly be considered a solid win. I’m still not sold on the Cowboys being a contender but in reality this was the best team Denver has played this season. They keep winning thou and they’ll keep moving up.

The Dolphins made a big jump for me. I wasn’t to sure if they’d succeed with Chad Henne at QB but you know what? He looks a hell of a lot better than Chad Pennington did. He can make the same type of passes as Pennington but with better arm strength which should allow the Dolphins to take some shots down the field. Chad P’s injury could of been a blessing in disguise for this team.

The Rams are proving that they are without a doubt the worst team in football. Their offense is absolutely atrocious will they even score 100 points this season? It could be a close call at the rate they’re going. What’s even worse is Steve Spagnuolo’s defense is letting up points like you wouldn’t believe.

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  1. like your list

    I really agree the Saints are not #1 yet

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