Week Two NFL Picks

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I’ve given you my new Power Rankings and things to like about week 1, but now its time for what you really want the Week 2 NFL Picks. Looking back thou, the first week in the NFL was pretty straight forward in who would win and who wouldn’t (like I said it would be) and it’s showed by my 14-2 record last week.

In those 14 wins we nailed our upset and lock picks. Our lock was obviously the New Orleans Saints over the Detroit Lions, no brainer there. My upset pick thou was ridiculed by some people, I had the New York Jets over the Houston Texans. Quite a few said no chance on the road for the rookie against a playoff caliber team. Only playoff caliber team I saw on the field was the Jets, the Texans looked like the same old Texans.

The biggest thing about Week 1 was actually the injuries and will play a serious role in picks this week.

(Home teams are in CAPS) I don’t use the spread in my picks but if betting is your thing you can hit up Bodog Sportsbook and get all the latest lines on the NFL.

ATLANTA 30, Carolina 17 – This is a fairly easy pick in my mind, the Panthers have so many problems at QB that who knows what that will offense will be like. I’ll assume they run the ball more then normal BUT Jonathan Stewart didn’t practice yesterday, so they might really be a one back team this week.

Minnesota 34, DETROIT 16 – The easy thing to do is to pick whomever plays the Lions as my lock of the week, I’m not going to go that route thou. Even so, if Mike Bell can run for 143 yards against their defense, i think Adrian Peterson will be the first back over 200 in a game this season.

LOCK – GREEN BAY 31, Cincinnati 13 – The Bengals struggled to score seven points at home against the Cleveland Browns. Yea, umm how do they expect to go on the road and put enough points at Lambeau Field?? Ocho Cinco isn’t making it any easier either.

Arizona 26, JACKSONVILLE 20 – I think the Cardinals will wake up this week and realize they aren’t entitled to anything. The real reason I take the Cards thou is I just don’t like David Garrard, he looked worse then Kurt Warner did last week.

UPSET – Oakland 24, KANSAS CITY 10 – I’m not sure if you can really call this an upset as neither team is that good BUT the Chiefs are favored in this one. Both teams put up impressive showings in Week 1, i think the confidence gained by the Raiders against a division rival (the Chargers) will propel them to the win. Now if Matt Cassel changes, that could change.


New England 26, NEW YORK JETS 17 – I think this game will be very competitive, the bad blood keeps growing between these teams. Regardless, I think the Patriots are still too strong and Mark Sanchez gets his rookie introduction to the league this week.

New Orleans 30, PHILADELPHIA 23 – If Donovan McNabb was healthy this would be the best game of the week, by far but with Kevin Kolb at QB that changes. I think the Eagles put up enough points to make it competitive but a couple turnovers late by the Birds offense will be the difference.

TENNESSEE 18, Houston 12 – The Titans offense struggled against the Steelers defense, who doesn’t? I think this week Kerry Collins will just manage the game and let the Titans defense win the game.

WASHINGTON 20, St. Louis 16 – This is Spags first game as head coach against a former NFC East rival. What’s that mean? His defense should look better as he knows what to expect from the opposing offense. The problem? His offense is shit, expect the Skins to get their first win of the season.

SAN FRANCISCO 21, Seattle 20 – This was close to being my upset but the Niners are actually favored this week as they’re the home team. The running game struggled quite a bit against the Cardinals, but Shaun Hill started to turn the corner and looked like a competent NFL QB. I think the trend continues and the Niners have a late game field goal to steal a win.

BUFFALO 23, Tampa Bay 20 – Tampa’s defense was absolutely horrendous against the Cowboys last week. Expect them to play better but the Bills no huddle attack be too much for them. The offense was mildly successful against the Patriots and that was without Edwards targeting his playmakers, this week he looks for them.

Pittsburgh 24, CHICAGO 20 – The loss of Brian Urlacher is going to hurt this week as the Steelers really try to get their running game going. Expect Willie Parker to be close to 100 yards rushing and Big Ben to do just enough to win, again.

DENVER 13, Cleveland 10 – This will be a lot like the Broncos game last week, ugly. Worst game of the week by a mile. You can expect more late game heroics, maybe a field goal inside the 2 minute warning to win it?

Baltimore 28, SAN DIEGO 20 – I’m not a fan of the Chargers running game at all, Darren Sproles is nice but there is too much uncertainty but you know what it doesn’t matter cause they’re playing that Ravens defense. Once they shut that down early, it will be time to tee off on Rivers while Joe Flacco does his best to look like Joe Montana against a Chargers D that gave up 20 to the Raiders.

New York Giants 30, DALLAS 27 – Once McNabb went down this became the game of the week and it’s not because its the Cowboys home opener in the new stadium. The Giants and Cowboys always put on major fireworks when they play in primetime, I expect the same this week. Eli Manning and company use a late fourth quarter drive to take the lead, and then the Giants defense gets to Tony Romo to hold it.

Indianapolis 31, MIAMI 13 – The trend of Monday night laughers is back. The Colts saw what the Falcons did last week to the Dolphins and I’m sure they’ve been working on a similar game plan. After this week the Fins will realize the Wildcat shouldn’t the focal point of an offense.

LAST WEEK – 14-2
LOCK – 1-0
UPSET – 1-0

Those are my picks, what are your thoughts on Week 2 in the NFL??

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  1. Tim says:

    I agree about last week being fairly easy, I went 14-2 also. This week is definitely harder though.

    I have a lot of the same picks you do this week, with the only differences being Chiefs over Raiders and Chargers over Ravens. I like the Chiefs new offense and I like Darren Sproles, what can i say?

    Also, I can’t believe you think the Bears will put up that many points on the Steelers. Their offense looked horrible last week..why would it get better against the Steelers?

  2. jube says:

    please give me a winning team for these whole season thank you and have a nice day.

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