Closing Lights Are Out for Lidge

by admin | Posted on Thursday, September 10th, 2009

The Philadelphia Phillies have removed Brad Lidge from his closing duties. At the moment the move is temporary but at the same time a very troubling sign for the pitcher. Remember this has happened to him before when he was with the Houston Astros.

“I don’t see us using him in the seventh or eighth inning,” Manuel said. “I look at him as a closer. That’s kind of where he fits. I see him pitching once he needs work. If we’re behind in the game or we’re ahead or something by a good margin we’ll get him to make sure he pitches live in the game. He needs to get work where he can command his pitches and he feels good about himself. I agree that he needs work like that. That’s kind of what he wants. I don’t know how much work like that from here to the end of the season we can get him.”

So, the Phillies are planning on using Lidge in lower level stress situations to get his confidence back. Only thing I wonder is what took so long?

They’ve got a little less then a month till the playoffs begin and they’re going to try and fix the problems now? What if there aren’t enough situations in that stretch to put him in to help cure his ailments?


Personally, I’d say it doesn’t look good for him being the teams closer, at least this year. Manager Charlie Manuel feels differently.

“He could close,” manager Charlie Manuel said. “He hasn’t lost nothing. I’m telling you right now, he definitely can still close. I see where he could be our everyday closer again. Yeah, of course.”

I’ve seriously got my doubts if he can be. He may of been Lightsout Lidge last year, but all along I kept saying that’s not the real Brad Lidge.

People at work hate me for it because I say NOW they’ve got the real Brad Lidge, the one that Houston ran out of town. But this, this season has been even worse then his bad years in Houston. He’s got a 7.11 era with a 0-7 record and 10 blown saves (a career high).

I will give the Lidge credit thou, he wants to work and fix what’s wrong. I’m glad to see he has that pride to not want to fail.

“It’s real simple,” Lidge said. “Just get me work to get me where I need to be. That’s about it. I told him, ‘Listen, whatever you need to do, I’ll be ready to take the ball at any time.’ I told him it doesn’t need to be a save situation.'”

In the meantime, expect Ryan Madson to take over the closing role, with Brett Myers moving into more of a setup role. Personally, I’d leave Ryan where he’s been, doing what he does best keeping a game in tact and letting Myers close it out. Reason? Myers has been there before and knows what it takes in big games to close it out.

It’s a trying situation but Charlie Manuel is showing why he is one of the most underrated coaches in baseball. He’s playing mind games with Lidge. Neither Madson or Myers will be named closer, or temporary closer. He wants Lidge to know it’s his job when he’s ready for it.

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