Brandon Marshall – New York State of Mind

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

So the trade talk about Denver Broncos disgruntled wide receiver Brandon Marshall have all centered around the New York Jets. But some are starting to speculate the other NY team, the New York Giants could also be interested, again. The reason? 104.3 the Fan in Denver says that a plane at a Denver area airport bore the logo of the Jints. (Picture above)

That alone has gotten the rumor mill flowing BIG time today. All off season people have gone on and on about the lack of talent amongst the Giant receivers. So yea, people are definitely going to jump to the conclusion that the Giants are still interested.

Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger provides some pretty damaging evidence to that thinking. The evidence? The Mara family doesn’t even own a plane. He say’s the Tisch family does own one, but he’s not sure if there is a Giants logo attached.

More importantly thou, Garafolo says the Giants never use private planes when it comes to personnel matters. So with that being said he says the plane in Denver was merely coincidental.

I tend to believe this as well.


The main reason being secrecy. If the Giants were seriously considering bringing Marshall in they’d want to keep things quiet and there are two reasons why.

1.) They have a very young group of receivers who have been playing their asses off in camp. To go public that they’re looking for a number one could damage the mindset of these kids. The young guys like Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks are starting to feel like they belong and can contribute. You bring in or just talk about Marshall, they may start to feel differently.

2.) The team finally has the whole Plaxico Burress ordeal behind them. Do they really want the fans thinking oh great we’re considering another basket case?

With those reasons do you think the Giants would really just fly in on a team plane and tell the world we want Brandon Marshall? Doubt it.

Another reason I can’t see the Giants acquiring Marshall is the price tag. The Broncos want a player and a draft pick, not just any player a productive one. They recently asked the Jets for star LB David Harris and unmentioned draft picks.

There aren’t really any players of that caliber that the G-men would be willing to give up. They just don’t have the depth on the defensive side. They’ve got some good depth on the defensive line, but that’s a big part of their game plan. When it comes to linebackers there isn’t much depth at all.

One possibility is in the secondary. There is depth but they’re all very young. One possibility there thou is corner back Aaron Ross, who’s being squeezed out of his starting job by Terrell Thomas. It’s doubtful they’d be interested but that’s the only thing I could think of.

So in the end, I think it all comes down to the Giants not being interested in Marshall. That ship has come and sailed, and I highly doubt they’re reconsidering.

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  1. W Leung says:

    That would certainly help because none of their WRs are stepping it up. Wonder if Marshall will be on sale soon if the Denver doesn’t get any serious offers.

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