Andre Miller and Blazers Close to a Deal

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, July 24th, 2009

The Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that the Portland Trail Blazers and point guard Andre Miller have a deal in place. A deal which should be finalized within the next 24 hours. is reporting that the deal is worth $21 million over three seasons, which completely dwarfs any other deal he’s been offered.

Miller’s former team the Sixers were rumored to be offering $6 million but for only one season. The New York Knicks, another team interested in his services, were also interested in just a one year deal.

So the Blazers talked with money and length, giving Miller no choice but to take the deal. says the first two years of the deal are guaranteed, with an option for a third year.

Miller is a clear winner in this as the Blazers went well above what he should of received. There are a few other winners in this deal thou, as well as a couple losers. Lets look at that aspect of this deal.

WINNER – Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers have been looking to bring in some veteran experience all summer, especially at the point, and have been getting turned down left and right. They had the well publicized diss from Hedo Turkoglu. The Utah Jazz matched the teams offer to Paul Millsap. All while losing out in the Jason Kidd swepstakes.

Bringing Miller in gives them a much needed veteran point guard. He can provide a solid 35+ minutes a game and be a leader to the young kids on that team. With his size he gives the team another weapon on offense as he excels in the post-up, back your opponent down type of game that most point guards don’t.

“He’s got great savvy and leadership,” GM Kevin Pritchard said. “We like him as a player for sure.”

LOSER – Steve Blake

A big loser in this is last years starting point guard, Steve Blake. Blake’s minutes are going to take a huge cut next season. As a starter he only averaged in the lower end of 30 minutes per game, look for that to drop to upper teens, low twenties next season. Miller is the clear cut starter and its at the sacrifice of Blake.


Surprisingly Blake is bigger then Miller height wise but doesn’t play it. He’s more of an outside guy, while Miller likes to mix it up all over the court. Blake should still see plenty of action due to his ability to knock down the three, one area where Miller is not good at, at all.

But even with that, Blake’s stock takes a huge hit. What makes it worse? He’ll be in the final season of his contact as a backup. Not good for a guy who would like to strike it big in free agency next summer.

WINNER – Lou Williams

Lou has been a career backup in Philadelphia, never starting once during his 252 game tenure. He gets his chance now, a chance he’s been waiting for. He let the public know it was a long time coming too.

“It’s something I felt like I’ve been prepared for for a long time,” Williams told Comcast SportsNet. “Hopefully, the opportunity remains and I’ll take full advantage of it.”

Well Lou, the opportunity is here and it’s your time to shine. With Coach Eddie Jordan’s Princeton offense, Williams will be put in a position to succeed. As long as the team doesn’t go sign a veteran to back him up, he’ll get more then enough chances to prove he belongs in the starting lineup.

His game differs a lot from Miller, which isn’t a bad thing either.

“I’m not going to be perfect,” Williams said. “One thing I would ask people – just don’t expect Andre Miller out of me. I’m not that type of player. I use my scoring ability to create opportunities for other guys; he used his passing ability to create opportunities for other guys. Hopefully, people will stay open-minded.”

So get ready Sixer fans he’s definitely a change of pace, a scoring point guard.

UNCERTAIN – Philadelphia 76ers

I’m not sure whether or not to call this a win or loss for the Sixers. It literally could go either way. The team could either take off with Williams at the helm, or fall apart at the seams. We won’t have an idea till the season is a few weeks old.

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The team does have a glaring need for an experienced guard now thou. Currently their only point guards are Williams and rookie Jrue Holiday. There was a rumor out there yesterday talking about Jamaal Tinsley who was just released by the Indiana Pacers and another about C.J. Watson. Both are possibilities but will either sign for just one season.

But yea, the Sixers stay undecided till the NBA season starts.

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