Where Will Odom Call Home?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, July 17th, 2009

Lot of news today surrounding Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom. You’ve got an NBA superstar in Dwayne Wade saying Odom should come home to Miami. You’ve got a writer in Portland talking about how Lamar would be a good fit for the Blazers. We’ve also got a writer in New York saying Odom would be a perfect in the city of his berth. So even with the negotiations with the Lakers breaking down it seems Odom is still poised to strike a big deal.

What we’ll do today is just break down each team and why it would work.

Miami Heat – Wade is making it known quite publicly he wants some on the court help if he’s going to stay with the Heat after the 2009-10 season. He said he’s willing to play with Allen Iverson, so it’s no shock he’s making a play for Odom. Especially when you consider they were once teammates.

“Lamar and I always had a great relationship,” Wade said. “He’s always been the guy, one of the guys, that I thought really helped me as a young player.”

ESPN.com reports that the Heat are in a unique position due to Florida’s lack of a state tax. Due to that they’re able to match the Lakers dollar figures but in an essence be giving Odom more then the would of made. Another interesting point in the report is that the Heat can apparently sign Odom and Carlos Boozer and still be set up for the summer of 2010. That would definitely be something that pleases Wade.


Portland Trail BlazersJohn Canzano of The Oregonian suggests that after losing out to Paul Milsap and Hedo Turkoglu the team should make a strong play for Odom. He says that losing out on both hurt but at the same time could of been blessings as Odom is a special player and that the Lakers would not of won the championship without him.

While all that is true there are still roadblocks in any potential deal. One of course is Miami’s interest and a possible return to Los Angeles. But more importantly is the on court relationship between Odom and LaMarcus Aldridge, it’s not a pretty one. Canzano feels they could put it aside to make Portland winners. Me, I’m not so sure all I can think of is a return to the Jail Blazer day headaches.

New York KnicksKnicks Knation’s Frank Isola suggests that the Knicks should consider Odom. I tend to agree with that, I’ve always been a fan. Isola first mentions the teams pursuit of Carlos Boozer and compares his abilities to that of Odom. They’re two different players and like Frank says Odom is the one who would fit into D’Antoni’s system.

Another plus is New York is his hometown. Odom has never been a player that really cared about that but could that change as he ages? Possible but doubtful.

The Knicks can’t outright offer him a contract he’d want but they’ve got some very valuable chips to make it happen, David Lee and Nate Robinson. Two players the Lakers may consider in a sign-and-trade if New York is where Lamar wants to go.

The biggest thing out of a Lamar Odom deal could come in 2010. Odom would be a huge recruiting chip in attempts to land LeBron James and Dwayne Wade.

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So where does this lead to Odom going?

I’d have to say Miami or even back to Los Angeles. Both writers suggesting that Odom would fit in their city are completely correct but unfortunately neither is likely. I feel he’ll take less years and stay in LA in an attempt to repeat or go re-up with his buddy Wade in Miami.

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