Knicks Players Blog From Vegas

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

The Las Vegas Summer League has started and the New York Knicks rookies are blogging while there. Actually wait, they are Vlogging. Both first round draft picks Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas have decided to partner with MSG and let the fans know what their experiences are like. How often they update I don’t know, but thanks to MSG I’ve got the videos for you.

First up is Jordan Hill the #8 pick in the draft out of Arizona. Hill was pretty impressive in his first start against the Memphis Grizzlies. Starting at the center position he scored 13 points, shooting 6 for 14 from the field. He also pulled down 8 rebounds but unfortunately committed 5 fouls all in just 28+ minutes.

In his first Vlog he talks about his excitement of being a Knickerbocker and what a typical day of practice is like. He kind of rambles at the end, seemed like some nerves and just no idea where he wanted to go with the interview.

Next up we got guard Toney Douglas the #29 pick out of Florida State. His start against Memphis was quite different then Hills. He made some positive and negative impressions. First the negative, he’s supposed to be a shooter that’s why D’Antoni drafted him but in yesterdays game he shot 2 for 13. Granted it was his first start, he could have had some nerves or just a bad night in general.

The positive? He still scored 8 points but more importantly had 11 assists. So even thou he took a lot of shots that weren’t falling he still got his teammates involved. Many feel he was drafted as Nate Robinson’s replacement, if that’s true then I’m very encouraged by yesterday’s efforts.

Nate had moments where he got his teammates involved but nothing like that. Will it carry over when he’s playing with the A team in training camp, not sure. But I’m looking forward to finding out.

In Douglas’ first Vlog he talks about practice in general and what he’s looking forward to during the Summer League.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a fun video. After doing their individual Vlogs, Hill decided he was going to interview Douglas. It looks like the two definitely have a little chemistry building there.

Once again thanks to Game On! and MSG for the videos. Hope you enjoyed and I know I’m looking forward to more Vlogs and more importantly I’m starting to regain some interest in the NBA.

Let’s Go Knicks! (We have to win again eventually, right?)

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