Samuel Latest To Skip OTAs

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel is the latest player to skip OTA workouts. I’m sure most Eagles fans were freaking out about this when the story broke, especially with Sheldon Brown already out lobbying for a new contract. But in reality this actually isn’t that big of a deal at all.

Yes, Samuel was a no-show Monday and actually decided to take the week off but he did report for last weeks workouts. So basically he worked out for four days with the team then decided he had enough, that’s something that is fairly common amongst veteran players. His agent, Alonzo Shaver told the Philadelphia Daily News that his client “is tending to some family matters. No worries.”

And that’s exactly what Eagles fans should do, not worry. Reports say that Samuel has become the vocal leader and was very active last week. Andy Reid may be upset that he’s not there, but when doesn’t the big guy have his panties in a bunch over something?

The plus side of this is some of the guys on the lower end of the depth chart got some valuable work. With Samuel and Brown out for a few days all players get bumped up two spots. Which meant Ellis Hobbs and Demitri Patterson got some work with the first unit. Joselio Hanson also got some work at left corner but mainly played his customary nickel role.

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