2010 NFL Mock Draft

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009


I know its only June and training camp hasn’t even started but lets have some fun. Let’s take an early look at the 2010 NFL Draft. Yea it’s pretty pointless to even start a mock draft at this point. Who knows the draft order? Who knows what players will leave school early? We don’t and that’s why its all for fun right now.

For the draft order we’ll be using the Power Rankings from Peter King at Sports Illustrated. On a side note if you haven’t followed King on Twitter yet, you should do so.

All trades that have taken place so far have also been plugged in, so that means the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers each have two picks. It also means the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears have none.

( ** Denotes Underclassmen )

1. Cleveland Browns – ** QB Sam Bradford – Oklahoma

Coach Mangini isn’t happy with any of his quarterbacks, he’d rather have his own guy. And you know what if the Browns do finish with the worst record in football you can be damn sure he’s going to get HIS guy. Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson will be on their way out.

2. Detroit Lions – OT Russell Okung – Oklahoma State

I’d love to see the Lions start addressing their defense after getting their prize QB last draft. Unfortunately that QB is going to get lit up this year due to the lack of protection. The Lions will be forced into drafting an offensive lineman to do just that.

3. St. Louis Rams – LB Brandon Spikes – Florida

The Rams could still use a QB and a WR but with no one worth the third pick, Spags is going to get management to address his defense. Spikes gives him a huge playmaker, who’ll easily become his defensive QB.

4. Kansas City Chiefs – ** OT Bryan Bulaga – Iowa

The Chiefs have plenty of needs on offense, on the line and wide receiver mainly. They could also have a need at QB if Matt Cassell is a bust, as of today we take him for what he did last year and say he’s not. So where do they go? Offensive line and protect their franchise QB.

5. Cincinnati Bengals – DE/LB George Selvie – South Florida

There’s a couple places the Bengals can go, mainly I think it should be defense. Especially when you consider they past on B.J. Raji in April. So do you for the 3-4 DE/LB type or the big DT to set things up for the pass rushers. For now I’ll go with the aggressive pass rusher.

6. Oakland Raiders – ** S Eric Berry – Tennessee

Al Davis loves speed and Berry is pretty damn fast. Defensive back will be a need for this team, so with that being said and the speed factor, he’s your selection

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – ** DT Gerald McCoy – Oklahoma

Tampa needs some serious help on defense. McCoy is a big boy who could possibly fill the shoes of Warren Sapp. A guy that was never completely replaced.


8. San Francisco 49ers – QB Colt McCoy – Texas

The Niners finally address their need at quarterback. Enough said.

9. New Orleans Saints – S Taylor Mays – USC

The Saints are going to be involved in plenty of shootouts again this year. You know it will happen their defense stinks and they need to start addressing it. Mays is the best player still on the board and will be an instant upgrade.

10. Washington Redskins – QB Tim Tebow – Florida

Smart pick? Not in the least but rumor is Dan Snyder is already in love with the kid. We all know that whatever Snyder wants, he gets.

11. Buffalo Bills – DT Ndamukong Suh – Nebraska

The Bills need a lot of help on both sides of the ball. If Terrell Owens is a success in Buffalo and resigned they’ll address defense first and take an anchor for the line.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars – ** WR Arrelious Benn – Illinois

The Jags still need wide receiver help and if he comes out next season Benn is by far the best in the class.

13. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) – ** DE/LB Carlos Dunlap – Florida

Seattle started to address their defense this off-season but they could still use a solid pass rusher. Dunlap could be just that.

14. Seattle Seahawks – OT Ciron Black – LSU

After hitting up the defense, the ‘Hawks address their offensive line.

15. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina) – CB Trevard Lindley – Kentucky

After finally getting their QB the Niners go for a lock down corner.

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16. Miami Dolphins – TE Jermaine Gresham – Oklahoma

Bill Parcell’s loves the defense, specifically linebackers but there is no way he can pass up Gresham. If he falls this far he must jump on the chance to make a blossoming offense even stronger.

17. New York Jets – ** WR Dez Bryant – Oklahoma State

If the Jets don’t bring in Plaxico Burress then they draft the best play maker on the board. Mark Sanchez needs his weapons.

18. Minnesota Vikings – DT Terrance Cody – Alabama

The Vikings are going to need help on the defensive line with Pat Williams nearing retirement. Cody is going to wind up a steal here for the Vikings.

19. Green Bay Packers – OT Trent Williams – Oklahoma

Time for the Packers to get more protection for Aaron Rodgers.

20. Houston Texans – ** CB Joe Haden – Florida

The Texans could always use more help, doesn’t matter which side of the ball. Haden would be an instant upgrade to the secondary.

21. Arizona Cardinals – ** QB Jevan Snead – Ole Miss

The Cardinals could really use a pass rusher for their new 3-4 defense, but more importantly they need to find a replacement for Kurt Warner.

22. Atlanta Falcons – LB Mark Herzlich – Boston College

The Falcons are pretty set on offense so you would look to the defense here, especially with an aging unit. Herzlich could see some decent playing time right away.

23. Tennessee Titans – WR Brandon LaFell – LSU

With the teams lack of quality wide receivers its amazing they reached the playoffs. Outside of Justin Gage there isn’t much to talk about, so look for them to go for a WR.

24. Dallas Cowboys – ** DE/LB Everson Griffin – USC

Griffin is a perfect for a 3-4 scheme and the Cowboys are always looking for more athletic guys to play in theirs.

25. Baltimore Ravens – WR Marshwan Gilyard – Cincinnati

The Ravens need to start giving young QB Joe Flacco some weapons to throw too. Gilyard is the perfect start.

26. San Diego Chargers – ** RB Jonathan Dwyer – Georgia Tech

Who knows how much LT has left in the tank. Drafting Dwyer would give the Chargers the perfect compliment to Darren Sproles.

27. Philadelphia Eagles – DE Greg Hardy – Mississippi

With the Eagles pretty stacked Andy Reid does what he does best, draft lineman


28. Indianapolis Colts – ** DT Marvin Austin – North Carolina

Another big guy will fully solidify the Colts line against the run. Can’t believe I’m saying that.

29. Denver Broncos (from Chicago) – LB Sean Weatherspoon – Missouri

Broncos continue to build up their defense.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers – ** LB Rolando McClain – Alabama

McClain is a perfect young linebacker for James Farrior to teach.

31. New York Giants – LB Jerry Hughes – TCU

Since it’s so early we’ll start out with the classic Giants predictions. That’s LB or WR. For now I’ll go with Hughes as he’s a pass rushing specialist. Fits their scheme huh.

32. New England Patriots – RB CJ Spiller – Clemson

Till I see the Patriots running game show up this will be my pick.

So there we go those are my early thoughts on the 2010 NFL Draft. I’ll update this every month or so right now since it’s so early. So expect the next one right around the start of training camp.

You can view our mock draft against other bloggers at a few different sites.

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  4. Jason from Jax says:

    Dunlap, if he has a season like last year and grows even more, will be a top 5 pick. He is 6’6″, 290. There is no way he lasts until Seattle.

  5. alex says:

    The chiefs don’t need an offensive tackle they already have their franchise offensive tackle in branden albert, their only 2 real needs are an inside linebacker to replace the aging zach thomas and a wide receiver to replace the aging bobby engram but those 2 players have enough in them to get them by atleast a year or 2

  6. Nathan Combs says:

    49ers might need a quarterback but if they get two awesome offensive lineman to prtoect the quarterback in alex smith and they could also open up the running game give a quarterback time to throw so what if they get colt mcoy if he is being sacked or hurried to throw the ball or they don’t have any holes for frank gore to run threw nothing is going to change just remember the dallas cowboys of the 90s they had the biggest baddest offensive line football enough said.

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