Mile High Mess

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, May 29th, 2009

Things are just an absolute mess with the Denver Broncos. They get their new coach Josh McDaniels in the off season and then everything falls apart from there. First, Jay Cutler wants out and winds up getting himself a trade to the Chicago Bears. What does that leave? A quarterback competition between Chris Simms and Kyle Orton. Now, star wide receiver Brandon Marshall is making a big deal about wanting a new contract.

Let’s first talk about the QB competition first. When the Broncos didn’t land Mark Sanchez in the draft everyone knew they’d be in for a long season at the position. I mean really, who thinks Kyle Orton can be a winning QB in the NFL??? Even his own coach isn’t sure if he can be. If he was sure there would be no competition for the job. Instead he’s competing with oft-injured Chris Simms for the job.

“Same thing,” Broncos coach Josh McDaniels told the Denver Post when asked if there were any new developments at the position. “Both of them will take reps with the 1’s, and we’re going to keep doing that until it becomes clear and apparent, and it’s not yet. They’re both doing some good things, and they’re both making some mistakes.”


It’s amazing to me how bad the QB position has gotten in Denver and so fast. In all my years watching football a talented QB in Denver was a constant. John Elway, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler and even Brian Griese. Yea, I know Griese wasn’t the greatest but the team was still competitive. But to see the Broncos having Kyle Orton as their QB just doesn’t seem right. I’ve never been a Broncos fan but they almost always put on a good show, not sure if that will happen this year.

Does anyone think Orton or Simms can keep this team close to the playoffs? I don’t.

If I’m a Broncos fan I’d pack it in for this year and hope for a high draft pick. They’ll be plenty of options to replace them then.

Now, the injured Brandon Marshall. Marshall is entering the final year of his contract and wants a new deal. Personally, I can’t blame him for wanting a new contract. The contract is his initial rookie deal which is rarely favorable to middle-round picks like Marshall. Although based on his performance over the last few years his salary is a very cool $2.2 million. But to him it’s not enough.

Marshall is easily a top ten wide receiver in the NFL, arguably top five. The guys in that class all make big bucks. Larry Fitzgerald $10 million, Randy Moss $9 million, Andre Johnson $7.5 million and Anquan Boldin is trying to get himself $9 million. Marshall has averaged 103 catches and 1,295 yards the past two seasons, I’d say that definitely puts him in that class.

The main knock on Marshall right now is his off season hip surgery. He had surgery on March 31st and just began running last week. He’ll easily be ready by training camp but how effective will he be early on? The Broncos may not want to pay big bucks for someone who may get off to a slow start. And who can blame them. There’s also legal concerns but I’m not even going to address those.

To me thou what makes this a mess is how Marshall is going about getting a new contract. Marshall has been at the teams Dove Valley headquarters for the whole rehab process. Now that Orton, Simms and the other receivers are in town for passing game he bolts. That’s right he makes his demand for a new contract and then leaves town.

Who is advising this kid? The best thing for him is to keep his rehab in Denver. Let the team trainers work with you daily. The more they work with him the more confidence the team would have that he’s healthy. And what happens next? The team would be more likely to give him that big extension.

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“Brandon is not a holdout,” Marshall’s attorney Harvey Steinberg said. “He went back to Orlando so he could continue rehabbing from his surgery.”

Is Harvey serious?? This isn’t a holdout??? It sure as hell seems like it.

Regardless you can see why everything is just a mess in the city of Denver. It’s not just the football team either, the baseball team has their own problems. At least you guys still have the Nuggets to cheer for out there.

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  1. Paul says:

    “If I’m a Broncos fan I’d pack it in for this year and hope for a high draft pick. They’ll be plenty of options to replace them then.”

    Did you forget? They traded next years first rounder to the Seahawks.

  2. Paul Raymond says:

    Actually I did forget about that. Guess that makes things even more of a mess haha.

  3. Jerry says:


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