Lawson Looking For Some Brotherly Love

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, May 29th, 2009

Today’s Philadelphia Daily News reports that Ty Lawson thinks the Philadelphia 76ers would be a good fit for him. It’s a nice thought for Philly fans, he’s a classic point guard that’s a proven winner. But will he drop that far?

The Daily News reports that Lawson’s stock is dropping mainly due to durability and size concerns. And because of that he could drop down to Philly at number 17. How far his stock has dropped or if its even dropped is pure speculation. Most NBA Mock Drafts have Lawson going anywhere from the New York Knicks at number 8 all the way to the 76ers at 17. Only ten spot differential but a huge difference when considering the talent of the teams in between.

For any team looking for a true point guard, Lawson is a perfect fit. He’s a leader on the floor who looks to get his teammates involved but has the ability to take the game over himself if need be. When it comes to the Sixers and Knicks he’d be a perfect fit for both.

Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni loves athletic guys who can push the ball and shoot. Hello, this sounds just like Lawson. He’s got the speed to play wide open and improving as a shooter. Last season he increased his three point shooting average from .361 to .472, in a year that the NCAA moved the arc back a foot.


The only question mark for New York would be his size, Lawson’s only 6 foot. The Knicks already have a pint sized guard in Nate Robinson, although he is a restricted free agent this off season. The other problem is the team is huge on Davidson shooting guard Stephen Curry, a player who wants to be a Knick.

“New York is the most ideal situation right now,” Curry said. “To play in the (Madison Square) Garden 41 games a season? That’s a legacy. How can you beat it?”

While New York is a fit, Philadelphia may be even more ideal. The Sixers have a strong need for a point guard as well. Andre Miller is a free agent who doesn’t have much left in his tank and Louis Williams looks like he’s going to be more of a scorer than a true point guard.

With all of that being said, Lawson could step right into the Sixers rotation and provide some valuable minutes. The player who would benefit the most would be Andre Iguodala. There were countless times last year that the Sixer guards could not get him the ball in favorable situations, with Lawson that shouldn’t be a problem. Just ask Tyler Hansbrough.

“Oh yeah, they play up and down; Elton Brand, East Coast, yeah, I’d love to play there,” Lawson said with a smile.

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Will Lawson get his chance to play in Philly? We’ll find out on June 25th the night of the NBA Draft.

The thing that bugs me thou is how players are pretty much lobbying for certain teams. These guys aren’t free agents who cares where you would prefer to play. Show some respect for the guys who came before you. Play for the team that drafts you, earn some credibility then hit free agency and go to the city you want.

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