Myers Out? Where Do Phillies Go From Here?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, May 28th, 2009

The main knock on this years Philadelphia Phillies is their starting pitchers. The unit has just been absolutely brutal this year but yet they’re still only a half game out in the National League East. As a whole they’re going to have to turn it around if the team wants to defend its World Phucking Championship Trophy. The road to turning things around took a major blow today as it was announced Brett Myers may need hip surgery.

So how serious is the injury? It could be enough to put Myers on the shelf for the rest of the season. Myers is suffering from fraying and possible tearing of the labrum in his hip. Didn’t the Phillies just go through this with Chase Utley a few months ago?

“After speaking with Phillies team physician Dr. Michael Ciccotti this afternoon, Brett Myers had an X-ray last night that revealed bone spurring in his right hip joint,” general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement. “He had an MRI this afternoon that revealed fraying and possible tearing in the labrum of the hip. Brett will seek a second opinion from a hip specialist to be determined … It is possible that Brett will not make his next start. That decision as well as any decision on a possible DL stint or surgery will be determined at a later date.”

It’s possible he won’t make his start?? I’d say its almost certainty. So what do the Phillies do?

First you can expect all the rumors about Jake Peavy this past week to pick up more steam. It’s inevitable. I’ve fought the urge to turn on WIP cause I mean really we all know what Howard Eskin and all the Phillies faithful are talking about. We need Peavy. We need Roy Oswalt. Amaro’s got to pull a deal.

But let’s slow down and take things one step at a time people. You first need to figure out who makes the next start. There’s no way the team can pull of a major trade like that in a couple days.

I’m thinking Kyle Kendrick is the most likely to take Myers’ next turn in the rotation. He’s got some major league experience already and he’s on the same schedule. Myers pitched last night and so did Kendrick. He hasn’t been that great down at Lehigh Valley but you know what he’s the best option for the moment. Does anyone other then a New York Mets fan really want to see Chan Ho Park make another start?

Ok, now that that’s taken care of lets get to the good stuff. Trade talk!!!

Ironically enough Jayson Stark at ESPN talked about the Phillies pitching staff and trade possibilities, this was done before the news on Myers was revealed. The first thing this does is tell us what he and the Phillies think about their rotation, as well as the guys who are almost ready to fill in.

The names he mentions are of course Peavy and Oswalt, but also Brandon Webb, Roy Halladay, Doug Davis, Erik Bedard, Cliff Lee, Aaron Harang, Brad Penny, Chris Young and Jason Marquis. So basically these guys are calling around asking about anyone and everybody. Doesn’t matter if you’re an ace to middle of the rotation. Can we blame them?


Here’s the numbers on their current starting rotation.
Ace – Cole Hamels – 2-2 with a 4.68 era in 8 starts.
Jamie Moyer – 3-5 with a 7.42 era in 9 starts.
Joe Blanton – 3-3 with a 6.14 era in 9 starts.

So yea its not pretty. Even worse all of their starters are averaging over one homerun allowed per game.

With those performances and Myers injury you would think the Phillies are now looking for TWO starters. If they were already scouring the league to find one, they’re definitely going to need two.

The Phillies definitely have the pieces to make a trade although for years many of the guys have been considered untouchable. They’ve got catcher Lou Marson, infielder Jason Donald and pitcher Carlos Carrasco, plus catcher Travis D’Arnaud, shortstop Freddy Galvis and pitcher Kyle Drabek. They’ve balked at moving Carrasco and Marson for a while now but they may not have a choice if it means bringing in a Peavy or Doc Halladay.

Till rumors start leaking there’s no telling in what direction the Phillies will go in a trade but I think one major option is being over looked. Free agency.

Yea, I know its just about June but there are still two marquee names on the free agent market.

The first is Ben Sheets. Sheets is still rehabbing after elbow surgery in February. He won’t be ready for game action till after the All-Star break. That’s still a ways away but he can be had cheap. For his entire career he’s been money when healthy and if he comes back strong he could be a huge boost to the rotation in the second half.

The other, well some people are going to hate me for mentioning, especially Phillies fans. Mike over at Sports With Balls might punch me next time he sees me for bringing this up too. But the option is Pedro Martinez. That’s right the former Boston Red Sox and dreaded Met.

If Pedro’s price has dropped from his offseason figure of five million dollars then he could be a huge affordable boost to the Phils. Much like Sheets when healthy the guy is absolute money. And as a fan of the Yankees it pains me to say that. Adding a pitcher like him to this rotation could provide legit talent but more importantly toughness. The guy likes to have fun so he should fit in the clubhouse but would he ever fit with the fans?

Free agency shouldn’t be counted at all in any talks for a Phillies starter. The trade market will be the main focus as that’s where the best talent is. But listen the Phillies need two starts if Myers is gone for the year and to trade for two would mortgage the future of the club.

You tell me is it worthwhile for back to back championships to mortgage the future?

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