2009 NFL Mock Draft, Update 4/20

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, April 20th, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my NFL Mock Draft. I’ll admit I been slacking just a little bit, ok it was a lot. The draft is here thou and as it approaches is the picture becoming any clearer? Not at all. Trades are occurring, there are more rumored to be happening. And all of those trades are going to completely wreck the best of mock drafts. But regardless let’s fire another one out there and hope the draft order stays where it is!

1st Pick – Detroit Lions – QB Matthew Stafford – Georgia
2nd Pick – St Louis Rams – OT Jason Smith – Baylor

UPDATED PICK: In both of my previous drafts here I had Aaron Curry being selected. I just couldn’t see how Spags would draft anyone other then a defensive playmaker. As the draft nears its becoming even more obvious that Spags isn’t making player decisions, so that means the Rams front office will take the best offensive lineman available to replace Orlando Pace.

3rd Pick – Kansas City Chiefs – LB Aaron Curry – Wake Forest

UPDATED PICK: The most glaring need for the Chiefs is on defense so Curry makes total sense. He’s a guy who can play any linebacker position in both a 3-4 and a 4-3 scheme. So no matter what the Chiefs decide to do with the unit they got a guy who can do it all.

4th Pick – Seattle Seahawks – OT Eugene Monroe – Virginia

UPDATED PICK: Many have the Seahawks taking Mark Sanchez with this pick, you know because of the increasing age and the injury history of QB Matt Hasselbeck. In reality it’s hard to argue against this but with the talent, or lack thereof, in the NFC West they could still be contenders this year. So with that being said I see the ‘Hawks taking Monroe to help protect and keep Hasselbeck healthy.

5th Pick – Cleveland Browns – DE Brian Orakpo – Texas
6th Pick – Cincinnati Bengals – OT Andre Smith – Alabama

UPDATED PICK: In both previous drafts I had the Bengals taking Raji and plugging up their defensive line. After the signing of Tank Johnson thou, I don’t think that will happen. It is the Bengals thou so who knows what they are actually thinking. So for now I’ll have them beefing up the offensive line.

7th Pick – Oakland Raiders – WR Jeremy Maclin – Missouri
8th Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars – WR Michael Crabtree – Texas Tech
9th Pick – Green Bay Packers – DT B.J. Raji – Boston College

UPDATED PICK: The team most excited about the Tank Johnson signing has to be the Packers. If Raji falls this far they’d instantly jump on him. The team is switching to a 3-4 defense and he’d be the perfect nose guard for that type of unit. If the Browns don’t surprise and take him, he’ll be a Packer.

10th Pick – San Francisco 49ers – CB Malcom Jenkins – Ohio State

UPDATED PICK: I’ve had Sanchez here for quite a while, I’m starting to believe that won’t happen. The Niners would love it if he fell this far but I don’t see that happening. Some team will wind up trading up in the draft to grab the QB. So what else do the Niners need? A defensive back.

11th Pick – Buffalo Bills – OT Michael Oher – Ole Miss

UPDATED PICK: I’ll continue with my thoughts of the Bills taking an offensive lineman here, especially after the trade of Jason Peters to the Philadelphia Eagles. Originally, I liked Andre Smith here but with him off the board they’ll take the last of the top tier tackles.

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12th Pick – Denver Broncos – QB Mark Sanchez – USC

UPDATED PICK: If no trades happen for Mark Sanchez, this would be the furthest he drops. Does anyone really expect them to go into training camp with a Kyle Orton / Chris Simms battle for the starting role?

13th Pick – Washington Redskins – DE Everette Brown – Florida State

UPDATED PICK: The Redskins have already addressed their defensive line with the Albert Haynesworth signing. That shores up the interior portion thou, the outside could still use some help. Brown can play end and linebacker. With Browns speed and Albert clogging the middle up then you could see some huge sack numbers on the outside.

14th Pick – New Orleans Saints – RB Chris Wells – Ohio State

UPDATED PICK: I’m going from not having Wells selected in the first to the top 15. Yea, a pretty big jump but the Saints really need a running back to complement Reggie Bush. Bush has shown he can’t carry the full load so it’s time for the Saints to find a back who can carry the brunt. With Wells size and speed he’s the perfect fit for the Saints attack.

15th Pick – Houston Texans – LB Clay Matthews – USC

UPDATED PICK: The Texans are known to be targeting the USC linebacker trio. Matthews would be the best fit for this team thou as he can play some defensive end, as well as his natural linebacker.

16th Pick – San Diego Chargers – DE Aaron Maybin – Penn State
17th Pick – NY Jets – WR Darrius Heyward-Bey – Maryland
18th Pick – Denver Broncos – DE Tyson Jackson – LSU

UPDATED PICK: The Broncos acquired this pick from the Chicago Bears and one of their main needs is at linebacker. They don’t really have a 3-4 type back, so Jackson would fit the bill. He’s a defensive end with the size and speed to fill that role. If they don’t address the position with their first pick in the round then look for Jackson to go here.

19th Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DT Peria Jerry – Ole Miss

UPDATED PICK: Initially, I had QB Josh Freeman here but I think the team might be content letting the current group of QB’s fight it out for the job. If not then I think they’ll trade up for Sanchez. If they stay here at 19 then they should address their needs at the defensive line. At the tail end of the season the unit wore down and the rushing yardage against increased. Jerry would instantly help that unit and help create a better rotation.

20th Pick – Detroit Lions – LB Brian Cushing – USC

UPDATED PICK: The Lions have needs all over the defensive side and I don’t think there is anyway they let this talent pass them by. Cushing has the speed and toughness to instantly upgrade the weak unit.

21st Pick – Philadelphia Eagles – RB Knowshon Moreno – Georgia

UPDATED PICK: Originally, I had the Eagles taking Moreno with their 28th pick and them addressing the tackle position at 21. That’s obviously changed after the Peters trade. So what do I do? Just move Moreno up a few spots. I have a sneaking suspicion that this pick won’t happen thou. The reason it’s what most of the Philly faithful and media want. Coach Andy Reid usually goes the opposite. Brandon Pettigrew is also a possibility here.

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22nd Pick – Minnesota Vikings – OT Eben Britton – Arizona

UPDATED PICK: I think the most glaring need in Minnesota is QB and DB. But Britton is too good of a talent on the offensive line for them to pass up.

23rd Pick – New England Patriots – LB Rey Maualuga – USC

UPDATED PICK: Does anyone expect Bill Belichick to draft anyone but a USC linebacker? There are other options here, including Connor Barwin and James Laurinaitis but I can’t see Bill leaving his comfort zone, so USC it is.

24th Pick – Atlanta Falcons – TE Brandon Pettigrew – Oklahoma State
25th Pick – Miami Dolphins – CB Vontae Davis – Illinois

UPDATED PICK: Bill Parcells loves those fast linebackers and there’s still a couple on the board but the Dolphins have a need in the secondary. With Davis falling this far there is no way they can pass him up. Then again it is Parcells so we could still get a linebacker here.

26th Pick – Baltimore Ravens – WR Percy Harvin

UPDATED PICK: The Ravens need help on the offensive side of the ball, specifically a weapon for Joe Flacco to throw too. Harvin is exactly that and regardless of his smoking issue look for the Ravens to snatch him up.

27th Pick – Indianapolis Colts – DT Evander Hood – Missouri

UPDATED PICK: The Colts need is on the defensive line and their main target was Peria Jerry. With him off the board Hood is next in line.

28th Pick – Buffalo Bills – DE/LB Larry English – Northern Illinois

UPDATED PICK: Other then offensive tackle the Bills have a need for a defensive lineman and linebacker. Maybin has been very high on their board but he’s obviously off the board by now. The team will be excited that English is still around and grab him quickly. Another possibility is for the Bills to draft Maybin at 11 and take someone like William Beatty out of UCONN to play tackle here.

29th Pick – New York Giants – WR Kenny Britt – Rutgers

UPDATED PICK: I’ve finally come around to the same thinking as everyone else and that’s Kenny Britt. Many mainstream guys still think Hakeem Nicks but I don’t think he’ll fit. The bigger question with this pick is, will the Giants be making it?

30th Pick – Tennessee Titans – WR Hakeem Nicks – North Carolina

UPDATED PICK: I’ve thought all along the Titans would add more talent to a very talented defense. But with the Giants passing on Nicks how can the Titans turn him down?

31st Pick – Arizona Cardinals – RB Donald Brown – UCONN
32nd Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers – C Alex Mack – California

The Steelers need help protecting Ben Roethlisberger in a big way. Mack will instantly solidify the middle of that line.

There you go, that was the latest update to the My Sports Rumors Mock Draft. I’ll be posting my final Mock of the season this Friday. Hopefully a few of the rumored trades go down by then so the mock can be a lot closer to the real thing.

Here’s the previous Mock Draft to see if you’d like to see how the updated picks changed.

You can view our mock draft against other bloggers at a few different sites.

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  1. YouGabSports says:

    With Piolo running the show in KC, I can see him easily jumping on Curry with the third pick if the Rams let him slide. Pioli loves playmakers at linebacker, so it would be a great building block there.

    Wells in the first round is a brave pick, especially by the Saints, who badly need a compliment for Bush, but also need one that can stay healthy.

    Nice job sir!

  2. steve says:

    i like some picks that you got personally the siants should think about trading down cuz they got no second or third rd pick due to trades for vilma and shockey

    but for new england i think maluega wont get past denver at 18 so i think its connor barwin at 23

  3. Erich says:

    I love Maualuga at #23 Denver has more needs to make the 3-4 switch than picking another LB. They have former ends like Crowder, Dumvervill and a few others that cannot play end in the 3-4 so they all have to switch to LB, anyways Mcdaniels will look out for Bill if Bill wants Rey Rey, Bill might want another Logan Mankins

  4. Erich says:

    However, I have seen alot of Mocks tha have the Chargers grabbing Rey Maualuga but why would they when they have a ton of good LB’ers.
    Great Mock!! Wish you had all the rounds

  5. Dillon says:

    Very wishful thinking as the Chargers lost Igor this off season so if Tyson Jackson is there he will be there 1st pick if he is not there it will be Rey M.

  6. Smitty says:

    This is a good mock. Very accurate. I didnt think Andre Smith would go that high because, well, what is happening right now with him, but you nailed it. Look forward to the 2010.

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