2009 NFL Mock Draft , Update 3/12

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Here we go ladies and gentleman, it’s time for an update to last week’s 2009 NFL Mock Draft. Between free agent signings, releases and school pro day workouts there have been a ton of changes. Am I pretty off base on some of the changes, I sure I am. When you’re done reading let me know where you agree and disagree.

1st Pick – Detroit Lions – QB Matthew Stafford – Georgia

Still don’t agree with the pick but seeing how the Lions have done nothing to address the QB position this off season you have to stick with it. There’s a chance they could wait for later in the first round and draft a Josh Freeman but I doubt it.

2nd Pick – St Louis Rams – LB Aaron Curry – Wake Forest

More and more people are leaning towards the Rams drafting an offensive lineman here, especially after the release of Orlando Pace. I’m starting to get on board with that thinking but for now I’m sticking with Curry. Spagnuolo is a defensive guy and is really going to push for a playmaker on that side of the ball.

3rd Pick – Kansas City Chiefs – OT Eugene Monroe – Virginia

After the big trade for Matt Cassell the team needs to make sure they can protect him. And who better then Monroe who is arguably the best lineman in the draft.

4th Pick – Seattle Seahawks – OT Jason Smith – Baylor

With the increasing age and the injury history of QB Matt Hasselbeck the Seahawks need to make sure to protect him. What better way then drafting this mammoth 6’5, 309 lb monster.

5th Pick – Cleveland Browns – DE Brian Orakpo – Texas

The perfect guy for Eric Mangini’s 3-4 defense, especially with Curry already off the board. Look for him to play some OLB and maybe occasional DE.

6th Pick – Cincinnati Bengals – DT B.J. Raji – Boston College

Most Bengals fans think their defense is just fine, they were 12th in yards against last season. That stat doesn’t tell the story thou, Raji is a huge run stopper which is what this team needs. He’ll provide plenty of pressure up the middle and maybe then the linebackers will be able to get to the QB.

7th Pick – Oakland Raiders – WR Jeremy Maclin – Missouri

UPDATED PICK – Originally, I had Michael Crabtree here. After some discussion with others and looking at the options that’s not the right pick for them, he really doesn’t fit what Al Davis likes from his wideouts. So with that being said I think Maclin becomes the first receiver drafted, not Crabtree.

8th Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars – WR Michael Crabtree – Texas Tech

UPDATED PICK – There is no way the Jags let Crabtree slip past them. The team does have a need at receiver so they’ll instantly grab the top rated receiver on most draft boards.

9th Pick – Green Bay Packers – DE/LB Everette Brown – Florida State

Packers are a team switching to the 3-4 defense and with Brown being 6’4 / 257 he’s the perfect fit. He’ll be a pass rushing specialist in Don Capers defense.

10th Pick – San Francisco 49ers – QB Mark Sanchez – USC

The 49ers have so many needs its hard to tell where to begin. With Shaun Hill at quarterback thou I don’t see how they can let Sanchez get by them.

11th Pick – Buffalo Bills – OT Andre Smith – Alabama

UPDATED PICK – With all the negativity surrounding Smith after his Pro Day, I still moved him up in my draft. Reason? The Bills now have Terrell Owens in the fold. Hows that mean they pick an offensive lineman? The problem last year wasn’t talent it was giving Trent Edwards time to throw the ball. I can’t count how many times Lee Evans was open but never got the ball because Edwards had no time. The Bills will be smart and look more at his on field performance then a pro day workout.


12th Pick – Denver Broncos – DE Tyson Jackson – LSU

UPDATED PICK – The Broncos are another team switching to a 3-4 defense. While Jackson is a little over sized to play the LB position he can definitely be a powerful end in that scheme. Look for the Broncos to draft Jackson and instantly upgrade their front seven.

13th Pick – Washington Redskins – OT Michael Oher – Ole Miss

UPDATED PICK – I still see the Redskins taking an offensive lineman here, even with Smith off the board. Oher is the best available, he should instantly solidify the right side.

14th Pick – New Orleans Saints – CB Malcom Jenkins – Ohio State

Jenkins has the size you want a the corner , 6’1 and won the 2008 Jim Thorpe Award. The knock on him is his questionable speed, it makes some believe he’ll wind up a safety in the NFL. Regardless of where he winds up the Saints have a need at both so its hard to see them passing up on this kid.

15th Pick – Houston Texans – CB Vontae Davis – Illinois

UPDATED PICK – The Texans are another team with numerous needs. Initially I had them taking a LB here but I think Davis is too much of a talent for them to pass up. With his speed and talent he could easily become a shut down corner for the Texans.

16th Pick – San Diego Chargers – DE Aaron Maybin – Penn State

UPDATED PICK – With LaDanian Tomlinson back in the fold there is no chance the Chargers draft a running back here, no matter what anyone is telling you. Later in the draft they’ll take someone they can groom but not here. I originally had Oher here as the Chargers pick, but he’s obviously off the board now. So with the next tier of tackles being to much of a reach here the Chargers address their needs on the defensive line. Maybin’s combine workout caused him to drop and the Chargers will definitely take advantage of that.

17th Pick – NY Jets – WR Darius Heyward-Bey – Maryland

Not much to say here. The Jets lack a home run threat at wide receiver and Heyward-Bey has the speed to get deep.

18th Pick – Chicago Bears – DE Robert Ayers – Tennessee

UPDATED PICK – The more I think about it the less I like the Bears taking an offensive lineman here. I had William Beatty here but I’m starting to really think the Bears address the defensive line. Ayers can stop the run and get to the quarterback, which is something the Bears desperately need.

19th Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – QB Josh Freeman – Kansas State

UPDATED PICK – All along I’ve thought there would be just two QBs selected in the first round. I’ve changed my mind thou with the extra thought I’ve given the situation in Tampa. Jeff Garcia has done well but in all honesty that position has been a mess there for years. With new management they’ll look to solidify it. Freeman is also moving up on most peoples board and could be a solid pick here.

20th Pick – Detroit Lions – OT William Beatty – UCONN

UPDATED PICK – Ok, originally I had the Lions taking Tyson Jackson but with him gone they address the offensive line. You’ve just drafted a franchise QB and you did so without anyone to protect him. They draft Beatty here and give him a solid left tackle who can protect him for many years.

21st Pick – Philadelphia Eagles – OT Eben Britton – Arizona

There’s talk of moving Shaun Andrews from guard to tackle, I don’t buy it. If Britton or Beatty is available here the Eagles take them and leave Shaun on the inside. Drafting either of these tackles will instantly upgrade this unit.

22nd Pick – Minnesota Vikings – CB D.J. Moore – Vanderbilt

The Vikings have a big need at corner and Moore can help address that. Watch out thou this pick could quickly become UCONN”s Darius Butler who is moving up the board fast. He’s been working out well and could be putting himself into first round consideration.

23rd Pick – New England Patriots – LB Clay Matthews – USC

Wow, how the USC linebackers have fallen, but watch them go off the board quick. Matthews fits in Belichick’s system the best and he’ll be the first drafted.

24th Pick – Atlanta Falcons – TE Brandon Pettigrew – Oklahoma State

UPDATED PICK – The Falcons need a tight end pretty bad and Pettigrew would be the perfect fit. He would definitely help stretch the middle of the field and open things up for Roddy White. If the Falcons do indeed take him you have what is a very young but very dangerous unit.

25th Pick – Miami Dolphins – LB Brian Cushing – USC

UPDATED PICK – The Dolphins don’t have a big need at LB anymore after bringing Channing Crowder back, but there is no way Bill Parcells lets Cushing fall any further. He had some of the best numbers at the combine out of all LB’s look for him to be in Miami if he falls there.

26th Pick – Baltimore Ravens – LB Rey Maualuga – USC

UPDATED PICK – With all the departures at LB it’s hard to not see the Ravens taking one here. Having the opportunity to land a talent like Maualuga makes it even more likely they take a LB. He had poor combine but that won’t deter the Ravens at all.

27th Pick – Indianapolis Colts – DT Peria Jerry – Ole Miss

The Colts could use a huge defensive lineman that can stop the run and pressure the QB. With Jerry being just that and in the middle of the line, how can they pass that up?

28th Pick – Philadelphia Eagles – RB Knowshon Moreno – Georgia

I still find it hard to believe the Eagles will take a running back in the first round but you know what. How can they pass up Moreno? Some don’t think he’ll fall this far but the running back position is so deep this year and there aren’t many teams who really need to waste a first rounder on one. The Eagles are one team that NEEDS to use a first on one.

29th Pick – New York Giants – LB James Laurinaitis – Ohio State

UPDATED PICK – The Giants need a wide receiver in a big way, but with an early second round pick they may wait a little longer for one. They’ve got a need at linebacker as well and Laurinaitis is better then any wide out they could get at this spot.

30th Pick – Tennessee Titans – DE Larry English – Northern Illinois

UPDATED PICK – English had 29 sacks in his career at Northern Ill., he’s a pass rushing specialist who should be a great addition to an already tough Titans defense.

31st Pick – Arizona Cardinals – RB Donald Brown – UCONN

UPDATED PICK – Orginially had Chris Wells out of Ohio State here but I’m thinking my Brown out of UCONN has passed him on the board. He’s performing really well in work outs so far and teams higher up in the first round are starting to invite him in for try outs. With his combination of size, strength and speed look for the Cardinals to pull the trigger.

32nd Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers – C Alex Mack – California

The Steelers need help protecting Ben Roethlisberger in a big way. Mack will instantly solidify the middle of that line.

There you go, that was the latest update to the My Sports Rumors Mock Draft. We had plenty of debate last time with some of our picks and I’d have to say some of you opened my eyes to some things I didn’t consider. So keep those comments coming, would love to see what you guys think! If you didn’t see my original Mock Draft, it’s still live for you to check it out.

You can view our mock draft against other bloggers at a few different sites.

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  2. Eric says:

    I don’t think if RM is there at 23 the Pats will pass on him and let him fall to the Dolphins, no way.

  3. florida ted says:

    Tampa taking Freeman frist round crazy get this athletic QB’s do not win in the NFL.They need more than QB right now. gruden gone now a more player friendly team. Patriotw liike English as LB.Pepper will be Petriot for the 34th pick in the NFL draft that they got for Matt Cassel not a bad trade

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