2009 NFL Mock Draft

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

UPDATE UPDATE, There is an UPDATE to this Mock Draft. To view it go hear 2009 NFL Mock Draft Update 3/12

We’re a little under two months from the 2009 NFL Draft and its time for My Sports Rumors to join the other bloggers in creating a NFL Mock Draft. Most places have been creating these for months but we decided to hold off till the free agency period began, and with good reason. Many teams addressed their glaring needs this past weekend and made a very good amount of mock drafts completely irrelevant. In our mock draft, we’re not going to give you a pick by pick explanation. We’re just going to address the picks where we are different then the others. Some of our picks are the same as many people have had for months, so why beat a dead horse? Ok no more delays let’s get this draft started!!!!

1st Pick – Detroit Lions – QB Matthew Stafford – Georgia

Do I agree with this pick? Not at all, but really what else are the Lions going to do. This franchise needs a complete make over which is why I feel drafting a quarterback this year is a mistake. Personally, I’d draft anywhere else and wait till next years draft to address the need. But the Lions can’t with the #1 pick they’ve got to make a statement and attempt to get some fans interested.

2nd Pick – St. Louis Rams – LB Aaron Curry – Wake Forest

Almost everyone is taking Eugene Monroe or Jason Smith here for the Rams. I don’t buy it. Yes, they’ve got a dire need on the offensive line but look who the coach is. It’s Steve Spagnuolo. If he’s got any say on player personnel he’s going to the defensive side. Adding Curry will help him implement his aggressive style and quick.

3rd Pick – Kansas City Chiefs – OT Eugene Monroe – Virginia

4th Pick – Seattle Seahawks – OT Jason Smith – Baylor

Most people have the ‘Hawks taking Michael Crabtree, I’ll admit I did too for many weeks now. But this is why we waited for free agency to hit. After signing T.J. Houshmandzadeh they have less of a need at the wide receiver position. With that being the case its time to shore up that offensive line.

5th Pick – Cleveland Browns – DE/LB Brian Orakpo – Texas

6th Pick – Cincinnati Bengals – DT B.J. Raji – Boston College

Most people would again consider Crabtree here after the departure of T.J., it only makes sense. But really the Bengals biggest needs are on the offensive and defensive lines. Their defense was pretty bad last year so I think they start there by solidifying the middle of the line.

7th Pick – Oakland Raiders – WR Michael Crabtree – Texas Tech

It’s Al Davis and the Raiders, this pick just makes to much damn sense. Don’t you agree?

8th Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars – WR Jeremy Maclin – Missouri

9th Pick – Green Bay Packers – DE/LB – Everette Brown – Florida State

Most people have the Packers addressing their needs in the secondary here. I agree its a position they need to take care of BUT there is a new defensive coordinator in town, Dom Capers. He’ll be changing things over to a 3-4 defense and this guy Brown is the best available in making that defense work.

10th Pick – San Francisco 49ers – QB Mark Sanchez – USC

11th Pick – Buffalo Bills – DE Aaron Maybin – Penn State

12th Pick – Denver Broncos – LB Rey Maualuga – USC

13th Pick – Washington Redskins – OT Andre Smith – Alabama

This has been the Redskins pick for a while now, most will agree. Offense is definitely the biggest need now after the signing of Albert Haynesworth and re-signing of DeAngelo Hall. So its time to protect Jason Campbell and really see if he’s the QB that could lead this team.

14th Pick – New Orleans Saints – CB Malcolm Jenkins – Ohio State

15th Pick – Houston Texas – LB Brian Cushing – USC


16th Pick – San Diego Chargers – OT Michael Oher – Virginia

I’ll admit the Chargers really need a running back, especially if LaDainian Tomlinson walks. Personally I think they’ve got a greater need at the tackle position. Does anyone really think Jeromey Clary is going to get the job done? He didn’t last year and eventually he’ll just get Philip Rivers hurt. It’s time to make a change. They’ll be plenty of quality running backs available in the second round.

17th Pick – New York Jets – WR Darsius Heyward-Bey – Maryland

18th Pick – Chicago Bears – OT William Beatty – UCONN

19th Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – WR Percy Harvin – Florida

20th Pick – Detroit Lions – DE Tyson Jackson – LSU

21st Pick – Philadelphia Eagles – OT Eben Britton – Arizona

Andy Reid loves drafting lineman with his first pick and this year will be no different, he’s got to replace Jon Runyan and Tra Thomas. Britton is the best still on the board, so Eagles fans get ready to yell when you hear another lineman has been drafted in the first round.

22nd Pick – Minnesota Vikings – CB Vontae Davis – Illinois

Surprisingly I think Davis falls this far if teams are drafting based off need. If he does fall this far the Vikings are going to waste no time and jump all over him.

23rd Pick – New England Patriots – LB Clay Matthews – USC

24th Pick – Atlanta Falcons – CB DJ Moore – Vanderbilt

25th Pick – Miami Dolphins – LB James Laurinaitis – Ohio State

26th Pick – Baltimore Ravens – CB Alphonso Smith – Wake Forest

27th Pick – Indianapolis Colts – DT Perria Jerry – Ole Miss

28th Pick – Philadelphia Eagles – RB Knowshon Moreno – Georgia

The Eagles have a need at running back after losing Correll Buckhalter to the Broncos and the announcement of Brian Westbrook having his knee scoped. Even without BWest’s need being scoped they needed to start planning for the future. Moreno would be a perfect compliment, but I wonder if Reid would actually draft a skill position here. I have a sneaking suspicion he won’t but this would be the wisest pick for them.

29th Pick – New York Giants – WR Hakeem Nicks – North Carolina

After addressing their defensive needs in free agency the Giants only have one glaring need, wide receiver. We all know the story without Plaxico Burress they lack the big wide out who can run the jump ball route. Nicks is 6’2 with some decent speed to him, he really seems like the perfect guy to take the jump ball in the end zone from Eli.

30th Pick – Tennessee Titans – DE Robert Ayers – Tennessee

31st Pick – Arizona Cardinals – RB Chris Wells – Ohio State

32nd Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers – C Alex Mack – California

So there we go, that’s My Sports Rumors first Mock Draft. In the future we’ll be giving more analysis, most likely for all the picks. For this first one we just wanted to let you know where we differ from the others. So as we get closer to draft day we’ll give you more insight into our thinking and even increase to a second round. Let us know your thoughts. Do you agree with these picks? Are we pretty far off on a certain player? Make sure to subscribe to our RSS Feed to keep updated.

You can view our mock draft against other bloggers at a few different sites.

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    Read the rules and join the Challenge at: http://rememberthesonics.wordpress.com/mock-draft-challenge/

    Don’t just say you have the best mock draft in the world… Prove it.

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  2. AD says:

    Pretty good mock!

  3. The Zoner says:

    If Vontae Davis falls that far I hope the Bears snag him at 18. I think he steps right in, starts and performs at a high level wherever he goes.

    Sanchez to the Niners is also very interesting!

  4. TheRevSWT says:

    Oakland is in love with speed, which Michael Crabtree doesn’t have. He’s nowhere near the fastest in the draft.

    He won’t draft Crabtree.

  5. Paul Raymond says:

    Oakland loves speed but there is something about Crabtree that makes me think raider. I don’t think Davis can pass up arguably the biggest star of the draft. And then with his current injury it just makes sense with the mistakes they make.

  6. Keith Jordan says:

    I don’t agree with crabtree, I beleive the Raiders will address the OL in the first round and select Jeremy Maclin in the second round with his size and 40 speed.

  7. Keith Jordan says:

    part two of my perspective is, if Maclin is not available they will select Darsius Heyward Bey in the 2nd round completing the triplets and giving Oakland this dynamic offensive punch.

  8. Not bad Paul, not sure about Maybin going that high after his crappy combine.

  9. kyle says:

    WHAT does everyone think of connor Barwin’s chances of getting into the first round . he plays LB, DE,T.E.,and Spc.teams . runs a 4.65/40 . leads in all agility test . Also play for cincinnati bearcats BasketBall team . and had double digit sacks Sr. year (first year on defense).and is 6-4/255lb

  10. Barwin will be picked #34 by the Patriots

  11. Paul Raymond says:

    yea kyle i’d have to agree with james. barwin is rising fast and looks like an early second round. with his versatility he’d fit into the patriots scheme pretty easily

  12. Lee says:

    Hey Paul,

    I added your mock to the database and sent you an email saying when the link was up I will move you up but got an error message back. Just wanted to let you know that your email may not be working.

  13. Tony says:

    I don agree with Miami taking Laurinaitis…they just resigned crowder and have more pressing needs at CB. Parcells also has an extensive history of drafting LB’s which I agree but I see someone like English more of a possibility to breed as an old once porter is done.

  14. Matt says:

    Your and IDIOT. The Bengals defense was ranked 12 in the league. Get your sources right before saying things

  15. admin says:

    Matt, I just have to laugh at your comment. I wont come back calling names BUT you need to check all the sources as well. Yes, the Bengals ranked 12th overall in YARDS allowed. But let’s see when it comes to POINTS allowed, a better indicator of a good defense, they ranked 19 out of 32 teams. So let’s see 16 is the middle point so that would be below average.

    Rushing defense they ranked 20th in the NFL, even worse then points allowed. Their saving grace was they defended the pass like no other. They also only tallied 17 sacks, yes ONLY 17. Which ranked 30th out of 32 teams.

    When you look at the big picture and not one measley stat you see they stunk. Looking at their schedule you also notice the teams who scored less then 20 we’re in the bottom half of the league (minus the Eagles).

    So looking at the big picture AND ALL THE SOURCES that is why the Bengals need to address the defensive side of the ball.

  16. Mark says:

    The Ravens aren’t going to take a CB in this year’s draft, unless a guy like Davis falls to them. They addressed CB in their free agent signings. They also loaded up on LB in the last 2 years of drafts. They have bigger needs at DE and TE, followed by lesser needs at CB and LB. If Pettigrew is there, they grab him. If not, they go best player, but probably looking at DE.

  17. Paul Raymond says:

    Thanks for the thoughts Mark, I could definitely see the Ravens going with a Pettigrew. He’d be very hard to pass up on here.

    But I also do still see the need for some sort of a defensive back. Foxworth was a big signing but they do go some holes after losing Leonhard and probably Ivy. Also Rolle could be released any day now.

    We’ll see what happens with Paymah’s visit that could definitely change my thinking on this pick.

  18. Patrick says:

    I’m sorry but being a Lions fan…i would be disgusted if they took a QB #1…take OL take DL LB..anything but not QB…not this year..also i think most Lions fans don’t want a QB either…so pickin Stafford won’t generate the interest your talking about.

  19. Dash says:

    In my opinion, as much as I like DJ Moore, if Peria Jerry is sitting there at 24 for Atlanta I think they bite. They just lost Grady Jackson, their main run stuffer, and John Abraham was the only guy on the D-line who got pressure for them. I think the pick would be Jerry at that slot, especially since they’ve drafted Chris Houston and Chevis Jackson in the past few years.

  20. Your draft predictions look pretty good but those cheerleaders look great.

  21. James says:

    If the Raiders take a WR at #7 and that becomes more likely everyday, it will be Darrius Heyward -Bey who has ball skill equal to Crabtree, Maclin and Harvin, and fair superior athlete.

    However he lacks their hype.
    DHB has spent 3 years in pro-style offense, and at least knows what a route tree is.
    It is stupid to compare college WRs based on stats.

  22. Joe Camel says:

    Check your facts Cincinnati’s D was thier strength, they ranked 12th. Also, learn to spell!

  23. Paul Raymond says:

    Joe, I’ll use the same argument used earlier with the 12th ranked Bengals D. Their rush defense was subpar and their pass rush was the second worst in all of football. They also ranked 20th in points allowed.

    The only reason why 12th in yards against looks so pretty is because they didn’t give up many passing yards.

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  25. Niko says:

    the jest need PERCY HARVIN why dont people realize that,also we can pick up pat white in the 2nd round for a wildcat formation and have pat white percy harvin and leon washington in the backfield at the same time.

  26. John says:

    I agree with matt. Yes the bengals have a need for a pass rusher and raji is a monster but what we need more than aything is an ol. The bengals defense was really good considering the injuries and the fact that our offense had so many three and outs last year. They spent way more than half of every game on the field. So I commend them for that. Plus we have 2 young dt in pat sims and domato peko. There is room in this draft to sure up both the ol and the dl. But the most dire need is someone who can protect palmer.

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