DeAngelo Hall Strikes It Big, Again

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, February 27th, 2009

DeAngelo Hall landed the first big contract of the NFL free agency period by re-signing with the Washington Redskins. How big of a deal was it? Insanely big. The Washington Post reports that it’s 6-years, $55 million with $23 million of it guaranteed. This is the second big deal for Hall in the last two seasons. Hall was a free agent last offseason and signed a monster deal with the Oakland Raiders that had $24 million in guaranteed money. So thanks to the Raiders releasing him after just eight games he got paid twice. Was this is a good deal for the Skins thou?

I’d have to say right now its a flat out no. Hall is only 25, but has been a major underachiever in his NFL career. He does put up numbers, 22 interceptions in 72 games, but he’s been known to be a head case. He was exiled from the Atlanta Falcons for his constant temper tantrums. To be fair, Hall kept his temper to a minimum and was a solid team player for the Skins down the stretch. But will that last? Could he have been keeping his ego in check to earn another big payday? Only time will tell.

I have to say Dan Snyder is a moron thou. He just continues to throw money out there at guy because of their name. When is he going to work on building a team, not just sign these big tickets and hope they mesh? The even sadder part is most of these big ticket guys he signs aren’t even worth the money they get. Actually they aren’t even a light year within the money they get. This signing and probably whichever one follows will be the reason the Skins bring up the rear in the NFC East.

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  1. john says:

    i really do agree with u dude. dan snyder just throws so much money around that doesnt need to b spent.however tho i am a fan of deangelo hall and i love the fact that they signed a long term deal with him but 55mill and 24 guarnted is just to much in my opinion. and now with rumors about the redskins trying to get rid of jason cambell and get mark sancez is just rediculius i wish the entire front office of the redskins would just get fired and start from sctratch. but only time will tell draft in 2 days!

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