AJ Price Killer Crossover

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

If you’ve watched a UCONN game this year then you know point guard A.J. Price has a killer crossover. In tonight’s game against Marquette he put that crossover to work against Jerel McNeal. How bad was it? Well bad enough that it WILL be a Top 10 play on ESPN tonight. Bad enough that, well just watch it and see how sick this was.

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  1. rich says:

    I know aj very well, we went to amityville high school on long island and played aau basketball for the roadrunners together. its good that people are starting to realize this kids talent and that he makes this team run and not the big meathead in the middle or the injured dyson. aj do your thang baby and represent us out here on the island

  2. Paul Raymond says:

    i can’t agree more, he’s definitely playing himself into a first round draft pick. now that he’s got the J going he’s just too dangerous. i think he’s got more upside then Marcus Williams did

  3. rich says:

    what alot of people dont know is that his father played pro ball and i think thats where alot of his skill set comes from, obviously through the blood line, but alot of his game resembles his fathers

  4. rich says:

    even at amityville high everyone used to kind of put him in the shadows of other big time, or i should say they were supposed to be big time players in tristan smith and the big man frasor who played for villanova but aj has emerged as the biggest prospect for the nba and will have the better future.

  5. […] mean really who can forget when Price used his killer crossover he used against Marquette last season. Would he break NBA ankles the same […]

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