Starbury Freed At Last

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Stephon Marbury has finally gotten his wish and will become a free agent. The point guard and the New York Knicks have reportedly come to agreement on a buyout. This whole situation has had me torn. I’ve always been a fan of Starbury and I’m also a fan of the Knicks. I’ve been holding out hope for a while for both parties to reach an agreement. Now both sides can move forward and I can go back to rooting for both.

“A comprehensive agreement was made this afternoon between the New York Knicks and Stephon Marbury. Under its terms, the grievance has been resolved and the Knicks have requested waivers on Stephon. No additional terms will be disclosed,” the Knicks said in a statement released today.

Marc Stein of says that the timing of the deal would allow Marbury to be playoff eligible for whatever team signs him. I say whatever team because you never know he might surprise us all and NOT sign with the Boston Celtics. But yea who am I kidding we know he’ll be a member of the Celtics by the end of the week.

For the Celtics this is absolutely huge. Marbury can be this years Sam Cassell by providing valuable back court depth behind Rajon Rondo. Marbury will most likely be even better then Cassell was, as he is more explosive and could really provide a scoring boost when needed. The key to this relationship working is whether Starbury can handle not being THE star on a team. In Boston he’s a spare part, game plans won’t be made around him, can Marbury handle that? Will he effect the strong chemistry this team has? One Celtic thinks things will be just fine.

“The great thing about this locker room is that Doc [Rivers] can coach,” Ray Allen said. “The coaches can coach. They don’t have to manage this team. The [veteran] players do a great job making sure that we are all prepared to play every day and we keep whatever grumblings down.”

Celtic fans what do you think? I know my boy Hardwood Houdini has his own thoughts about this situation. Go check out what he thinks about Marbury joining the Celtics. Are you a Celtics or Knicks fan? What’s your thoughts?

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