NBA Trade Deadline Review – Oscar Style

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Saturday, February 21st, 2009

So with the NBA trade deadline passed there are reviews all over the blogosphere. And you know what I’m going to do my own as well, I’ve got a much different take then all the others thou. How? Well everyone is saying who won, who lose all that plain jane stuff. So with the Oscars tomorrow, I figured we’d do things a little differently. There’s plenty of big awards getting handed out and we’re going to say our winners/losers by giving out some awards.

Best Picture: Winner – New Orleans Hornets

The Hornets had to have the worst trade season of them all but who can deny they had the best story? It obviously would of made for good theater. They made a shocking move by trading Tyson Chandler to the Oklahoma City for Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox. Again an absolutely shocking trade for a team that is smack in the middle of the Western Conference Playoff Standings. The move cleared up room under the luxury tax but robbed them of their front court. After that, the Thunder rejected the trade due to a failed physical by Chandler. He now comes back to the Hornets and the playoff race, meaning the team must mend fences and go forward.

Things look bright on the court thou as Chandler came back with an open mind ready to play with his teammates. So much so he quoted former Oscar winner Denzel Washington in Training Day with the line “Ya’ll couldn’t get rid of me!”. The players were happy to get him back and they need Chandler to go forward. Things with management will be dicey for a while thou. So this years best picture, might also be next years best picture.

Best Actor In A Leading Role: Winner – Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry has down without a doubt the Best Acting job out of all the players moved at the deadline. Lowry got himself traded from the lowly Memphis Grizzlies to a perennial contender in the Houston Rockets. Lowry has had a decent season, nothing special. He did outplay Mike Conley to earn himself a starting role with the Grizz and has even performed solidly in that time, averaging about 9 points, 5 assists and 3 rebounds a game. Those numbers made the Rockets believe he can be the starting point guard that leads to the promise land. But like Kelly Dwyer at Yahoo Sports, I believe he’ll never be an All-Star or a starter on a championship contender. He’s not as good as former Rockets starter Rafer Alston, but he should give the team a boost on the defensive end of the ball.

For exactly those reasons his performance with the Grizzlies earns him the Best Actor Role. He’s done a great job making people think he can be that quality point guard they’re looking for.

Best Actor In A Supporting Role: Winner – Rafer Alston

Personally, I believe Alston was the biggest winner at the deadline, especially when you consider the team he landed with. Playing for the Orlando Magic is even bigger then playing for the Rockets. The Magic are more of a contender especially with Superman Dwight Howard as a teammate. Alston is also a much better point guard then Best Actor Kyle Lowry. So why did Alston not get the first award?

Alston is going to be in a huge supporting role, a much bigger one then Lowry. When you look at things Lowry acted his way into a major trade, while Alston has earned his way. He’s a veteran point guard which the Magic sorely need after losing Jameer Nelson. He’s not nearly as good as Nelson BUT much better then alternative Anthony Johnson. At the age of 32, his best years are behind him but he’ll be playing a huge supporting role to Howard. This is what earns him Best Actor In A Supporting Role.

Animated Feature Film: Winner – Chicago Bulls

I know you must be wondering Animated Film? Well Larry Hughes has a lot to do with that. The whole Chicago Bulls and Hughes situation has been straight comical this season. The falling out between General Manager John Paxson, Coach Vinny Del Negro and Hughes had reached the level where nothing would ever be solved. Hughes hadn’t played since January 12th and would never have played another game in a Bulls uniform. The whole situation has dragged on for so long, that it keeps getting uglier and uglier, so the Bulls earn an award for finally being able to move him. In landing Tim Thomas and Jerome James they don’t get much. No cap relief, no help in the rotation. All they do is dump a huge headache and the franchise can now move forward.

Best Directing: Winner – Sacramento Kings President Geoff Petrie

Geoff Petrie did an amazing job for the Sacramento Kings in dumping salary. The Kings have the worse record in the league and there is really no future in sight. There are rumors going around that next years NBA Salary Cap will be lowered to $58 million which will leave many teams over the cap. What Petrie did in this dumping was put the Kings underneath that number. Petrie didn’t get any players that can be of assistance now, unless you can count Andres Nocioni but he did get the team about $6 million under next years cap. Which is pretty important for such a lousy team.

There you go boys and girls, that’s my NBA trade deadline review. Let me know what you think. Who would you have given these awards too??

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