Braves Finally Get a Yes

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, February 19th, 2009

The Atlanta Braves have finally signed a name free agent, although I wouldn’t call this a big signing. David O’Brien at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution is reporting that the team has re-signed pitcher Tom Glavine to a one year deal. The deal is supposedly worth $1 million, plus roster bonuses that could total $3.5 million. I guess you can say its not a bad deal for a guy who is 42 and missed most of 2008 due to elbow and shoulder surgeries.

Tom is penciled in to be the teams fifth starter next season. That’s right the only active 300 wins pitcher is a fifth starter. A FIFTH STARTER!!! For the Braves this isn’t a bad deal, if he’s healthy then they have arguably the best fifth starter in the game. His 2008 was extremely poor 13 starts with a 5.54 era, his 2007 not much better 34 starts, 200 innings and a 4.45 era. But when you consider those numbers will be coming from your 5 spot then that is pretty damn good, especially at that salary.

Even so I don’t see how this deal does anything for Mr. Glavine. Tom, you’re 42 years old, your numbers have been dropping and your health falling. You’ve got your 300 wins don’t you think its about time to hang it up? O’Brien reports that Glavine decided to come back because of last years poor season. Saying Glavine didn’t want to end his career on that note.

Novel idea Tom. We’ve all got pride, no one wants to end their career on a bad note. Regardless of what happens you’re going to be a first ballot Hall of Fame selection. But what happens if your season is just as bad as last year. Does it taint your legacy, especially with it being in front of your home crown? Hopefully for your sake things go well.

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