The Goon Squad

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

goonchick_16I wasn’t planning on doing a link post today but my boys have been lighting the blog world up the last couple days. A lot of pretty solid stuff out there. At least some people were doing work while the rest of the world stopped and cried all day for an inauguration. So let’s just get right into the good stuff!

NESW Sports – Kevin Johnson said he would skunk Barack Obama, Video
Cuzoogle – The NBA’s midseason report card – Hot or not style
Razzball – Top 20 Shortstops for 2009 Fantasy Baseball – Ladies of the Australian Open
Hugging Harold Reynolds – Warning! Porno Freaks and Sports Nuts Among Us
Sharapova’s Thigh – ESPN Fixes Up Sunday Night Baseball Broadcast… By Adding Steve Phillips?!
Moon Dog Sports – Government Mandated Playoff? I Don’t Think So
PSAMP – I Guess It’s Cool To Hate On The Penguins When They Struggle
Gunaxin – 2010 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Preview

No Guts, No Glory – Who Would Win A Pick Up Game Between The NBA On ESPN Crew and The NBA On TNT Crew?
Hey Kobe! – Wife To De La Hoya: You’ve Lost That Winning Feeling
Yankees Rumors – The Best Yankees during the Bush Administration
Sports Agent Blog – Sports Management Worldwide Career Conference
Josh Q Public – Steroids In The NBA?
Bugs and Cranks – Comparing our Leaders: Bud Selig vs. Barack Obama

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