Bonehead Move of the Week

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, January 15th, 2009

chad_campbellI normally don’t talk about golf, there’s just usually not much that takes place that peaks my interest. But that all changed today thanks to Chad Campbell, a 12-year veteran. Campbell turned pro back in 1996 and made over $16 million in his career to date, not to bad right? He’s currently ranked 64th in the world and pretty much a contender for a top twenty finish in any event he competes in. So with the Sony Open taking place in Hawaii this weekend one would assume he’d be vying for a win, especially after he’s finished in the top ten twice in the last three years, with one of those being a runner up. But that’s not so.

Campbell was out in Hawaii ready to go today when he received some horrible news. HE DIDN’T REGISTER FOR THE EVENT! That’s right this multi-millionare, 12-year vet, forgot to register for a PGA event. Something he’s done ten to twenty times a year, he just completely forgot.

“Not good,” Campbell said Thursday “I had actually thought about it on the plane, that there was a chance I didn’t commit. I found out when I got off the plane.”

Yeah, you read that right he thought about it on the way to Hawaii. So you’re telling me this genius remembered to book a plane ticket, hotel room, etc but forgot to register for the damn tournament? That’s just completely idiotic. How does something like that happen? Especially when you consider how much money he makes. Doesn’t he have an agent, a manager or even an assistant to take care of those tasks for him?

“This one just slipped through the cracks,” he said. “It takes a lot to go wrong for it to happen. I’m more mad at myself than anything … I wish someone had reminded me last week.”

You’ve got to be joking right? It takes a lot to go wrong for that to happen? NOT A CHANCE! You’re a professional golfer your two jobs are register for an event and play in the event, how can a lot go wrong? According to the Associated Press, Campbell does have an agent but likes to register for the events himself. So this is a personal decision for him, maybe it’s something his agent should take away. What makes it even worse is that this is one of his favorite golf courses.

“It’s one of my top five favorite tournaments we play all year,” Campbell said. “It’s one of my favorite golf courses. That’s what (stinks) more than anything.”

You’re damn right it stinks, it’s one of your favorite events and you miss it cause you’re an idiot. That’s right an IDIOT! I’ve complained about forgetting to sign up already, but it’s even worse when you consider it’s one of his favorite events. I know I never forget the dates of my favorite events and to get my affairs in order so I can participate.

For example, I’ve already requested off work for the two Saturday’s before St. Patrick’s day to participate in the annual Erin Expresses by my old college. It’s tradition to drink our faces off on those days, and both of those days are two of my favorite in the course of the year. You’re damn right I’ll NEVER forget to make sure major details aren’t in order.

Campbell can at least rest peacefully tonight knowing that he did register for next weeks Bob Hope Chrysler Classic which he won in 2006.


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