Practice? Yeah, we’re talking about PRACTICE!

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

On NBA Draft Day 2008 there was much excitement amongst New York Knicks fans. We all thought we were in a great spot to turn this franchise in the right direction. New head coach? Check, Mike D’Antoni. Solid draft pick? Check, number six overall. Solid talent on the board? Check, loads of it still available. And what happens? We draft Danilo Gallinari an international prospect in Italy. Instantly flashbacks of Frederick Weis pops in to our heads. We see Vince Carter jumping over Weis for a dunk. We see a guy who NEVER stopped on the famous Madison Square Garden court. And you know what? So far those thoughts have been justified.

To date, Gallinari has played in two games for a total 5 minutes and 42 seconds scoring a whopping one point. He’s battled a back injury suffered in his FIRST summer league game. Doctors aren’t sure what is totally wrong with his back. Surgery is possible, others say rest. To me it just sounds like another weak big man who got a chance in the NBA because he’s tall. So the title of this article talks about practice, and I’m speaking of Gallinari. Those two never go together because of the injury right?

Surprisingly wrong. Guess who’s back at practice? One Danilo Gallinari. Yep the bean stalk is back to running in five on fives at the Knicks practice facility. And you know what we have PROOF! Madison Square Garden has released a video showing Gallinari at practice and talked with him about his recovery efforts. And for your viewing pleasure here is the video.

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