My Thoughts on Teixeira

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Mark Teixeira signs with Yankees and thoughts about itSo as a fan of the New York Yankees, I have a lot of thoughts on the big signing of Mark Teixeira. About two weeks ago, I wrote an article calling Teixeira Boston Bound and that a deal should be completed quickly and a must signing for the Red Sox. Was I wrong? On actually signing with them, I obviously am but my thoughts are still correct that this was a move they had to make. But let’s go look at all my thoughts on this.

For the Yankees. For the next couple years, this is an amazing sign for the Bronx Bombers. The Yankees desperately needed another bat in the lineup to protect Alex Rodriguez, preferably a younger bat. And at 28, Teixeira is definitely that. While he’ll most likely bat third in the lineup ahead of A-Rod it will still benefit the slugger.

A glaring weakness for the Yankees was their defensive. In the outfield, the infield and catching their team defense was just horrendous. Adding Teixeira to their infield instantly improves that. Mark is one of the best defensive first baseman in the league and should definitely help in snatching up some of those errant throws Robinson Cano likes to make from second base. He’ll also be able to cover more ground around the bag, then Jason Giambi did.

For Mark Teixeira. He’s playing on the big stage now, can he handle it? Only time will tell. While the slugger did go where the money was he definitely didn’t make that his priority which is something. I know you non-Yankee fans are saying bullshit, but it’s true. The Washington Nationals offered more money and there were other deals on the table that were very close in stature. Signing with the Yankees was more of a personal choice based on family and wanting to win. Will he handle the pressure? I don’t know but hopefully he does.

For the Red Sox. This definitely puts them behind in the race for the American League East crown and Wild Card berths. On paper the Yankees are the juggernaut of the division again, granted it is just paper. What isn’t on paper is the the defending AL Champs the Tampa Bay Rays. They’ve brought the team back and they’ve proven this team can win. The Red Sox did make the playoffs, but their lineup has so many question marks its unbelievable. Mike Lowell how healthy will he be after off-season surgery? David Ortiz will he be back to being Big Papi or continue to be just another slugging DH? Out of these three teams, they definitely have the most question marks which could of been solved by signing Tex. They didn’t and now they’re going to have to scrap and fight to make next years playoffs.

For baseball. I think this is a great signing for the league. This without a doubt makes the Yankees larger then life again, it gives everyone a team to hate. They already blow away other teams in road attendance, but is there any doubt that those numbers will increase more? Even in the worst of markets they’re going to be damn near close to sell outs. ESPN, FOX and TBS games? Huge ratings. Will people get sick of seeing them? Yes. Will they tune in? Most likely.

Salary Cap arguments. This will obviously benefit the guys who argue that the sport needs a salary cap. If the Yankees do win the World Series then their argument becomes greater. If they don’t they’re argument looses ground. Many talk about the uneven playing ground the Yankees have, but they miss one key thing. If their is a salary cap, do you really think Mark Teixeira would still sign with a team like the Kansas City Royals? HELLLLLL NO! Most marquee players, would just take a short one or two-year reduced rate contract then take the huge deal to be caught in hell. Don’t believe me take a look at the NFL. Do you see players going to Detroit, Arizona, Kansas City or Houston, even when those teams have cap space? No, they don’t they take pay cuts to play with the winners.

So those are my thoughts on the Teixeira signing. What do you think?

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