Sad Week in Charlotte

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Bobcats Gerald Wallace loses two family membersIt’s been a sad week for Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace as two members of his family have passed. On December 7th it was announced that his grandmother had passed away and that he’d miss a few games to be with his family during the grieving process. Sadly, after that all of that it was announced today that his father has too passed. His viewing and funeral are taking place Wednesday and Thursday, which means Wallace will again be away from the family.

Normally, I don’t like talking about such sad circumstances. I’d rather talk about trades, firings, signings, or just plain old stupidity that costs players playing time. But this is such an unusual circumstance I thought I’d mention it. This is a lot for any person to endure, let alone a 26-year old kid. Granted once the grieving process is all over it should only make Gerald even stronger.

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