The Goon Squad

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Iowa cheerleaders love sports and the goon squadDuring the work craziness there was something else I wasn’t able to do. That was show love to my Squad! They’ve been banging out some great things and I haven’t been able to let you guys know what is going on. So here’s an update at least of what I’ve seen these guys post the last couple days.

The Sports CultureYour favorite athletes in their (less than favorable) old-school high school yearbook photos.
GunaxinHot Iowa Hawkeyes Girls
Intentional FoulThe Magnificent Face(s) of Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski
Moon Dog SportsTide Survives, Penn State Fails, More Guns Up!
NE Patriots DraftNFL Draft Stock Report: 9.0
Blaze of Love - 15 Thoughts vs Orlando 11/10
CuzoogleA burger that would dominate the Raps on the wing
Lake Show LifePurple Post-Game: Rocket Fueled Schooled
Hugging Harold ReynoldsSo You Want to Work in Sports?: Kyle Bunch, Sr. Producer, R/GA (CLIENT: NIKE)
SideLion Report - If You Got To See It, You Probably Wish You Didn’t See

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