Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, October 20th, 2008


NFL Power Rankings and a Titans cheerleaderAnother exciting Week 7, which means another complete upheaval in the Week 8 NFL Power Rankings. My Top 5 stayed pretty much the same, but wow did numbers 6 through 19 have a bunch of big changes. I don’t even know what to really say about this week, except a lot of the teams out there lack an identity. One week they win with ease and look like contenders, then the next week they play atrocious and look like a shell of their former selves. It’s so hard to really tell who is good this year and I’m sure the thoughts of who is will keep changing the next few weeks. NBC’s Flex scheduling should be very interesting as well, you may see a dud or two this year. Before we get in to the rankings, I want to ask one question. Who else is super excited about next week’s marquee game? Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants, wow that’s going to be a great early season matchup. Possible Super Bowl preview? Maybe? Ok, let’s get to these rankings that’s what you want.

1. Tennessee Titans
2. NY Giants
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
4. Tampa Bay Bucs
5. Buffalo Bills
6. Carolina Panthers
7. Washington Redskins
8. Jacksonville Jaguars
9. Chicago Bears
10. Philadelphia Eagles – Enjoys the bye week by moving up in the rankings. If B-West returns healthy watch the upward trend continue.
11. Arizona Cardinals
12. New England Patriots
13. Atlanta Falcons
14. Green Bay Packers
15. Denver Broncos
16. Dallas Cowboys
17. San Diego Chargers
18. Indianapolis Colts
19. New Orleans Saints
20. Minnesota Vikings
21. Baltimore Ravens
22. NY Jets
23. Houston Texans
24. Cleveland Browns
25. Miami Dolphins
26. San Francisco 49ers
27. Oakland Raiders
28. St. Louis Rams
29. Seattle Seahawks
30. Kansas City Chiefs
31. Detroit Lions
32. Cincinnati Bengals – Carson Palmer is his season over?

Here are my Week 7 NFL Rankings if you would like to compare and see the changes.

The team I want to talk about this week is the New England Patriots. Forget the book A Tale of Two Cities, this team is pretty much A Tale of Two Weeks. Last week, the Patriots were completely embarrassed on Sunday night, and I mean TOTALLY embarrassed losing to the mediocre Chargers 30-10. The score didn’t even seem like it was that close. Now in tonight’s games (Monday) against the Denver Broncos they look like the Pats of old and completely dominate a pretty solid Broncos team, by the tune of 41-7. My question is Who are the Patriots? Are they a true playoff contender?

Last week they got blown out by the barely average Chargers, and then blow out a Broncos team who seemed like one of the best teams in the league after the first few weeks. The Pats had that look in them again tonight. Randy Moss on the sideline happy, smiling, joking around. Matt Cassel no longer looking like a inexperienced QB, actually I take that back he took way to many sacks when he could of dumped the ball away, but yet he was almost flawless chucking the ball around. To me it all started with the running game thou. The Patriots have changed their identity, and figured out with Brady they have to use the run to set up their passing attack. If they keep playing like they did today, they could become that playoff contender in the watered down AFC.

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  1. kellex says:

    Go Bengals! I’d love to see a reverse undefeated season. Please let it be Chad Johnson and the Ben-girls!

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  3. Solid rankings. But after watching the Broncos last night, I might be inclined to move them down a few spots. They are still winning the AFC West, but they just aren’t playing well and have one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

  4. Deuce282 says:

    How in the hell are the Rams below the 49ers and the Raiders?, after getting a new coach they’ve beaten the redskins and cowboys back-to-back, whoever made this list is retarded

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