Week 7 NFL Picks

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, October 16th, 2008

NFL Week 7 PicksAlright it’s Week 7 of the NFL already, and it’s time for this weeks predictions. This week definitely has some interesting contests that could go either way. Couple divisional games, games with teams coming off bad losses going against some teams on fire, it should actually be another fun, exciting week of football. At least we hope. Last week, I went a pretty good 9-5 to move myself to 55-33 overall. With a 5th place standing in Cuzoogle’s Pigskin Pick’s contest.

San Diego 27, Buffalo 24
Pittsburgh 27, Cincinnati 10
LOCK – Tennessee 30, Kansas City 13
Miami 24, Baltimore 10
New Orleans 31, Carolina 23
Chicago 20, Minnesota 17
NY Giants 34, San Francisco 20
Dallas 24, St. Louis 16
Houston 27, Detroit 13
UPSET – Cleveland 23, Washington 21
Indianapolis 31, Green Bay 17
NY Jets 28, Oakland 10
Tampa Bay 30, Seattle 9
Denver 27, New England 24


Record 55-33 (overall) / 9-5 (last wk)
Upset Pick 4-2
Lock of the Week 3-3
Scores predicted 100% correct – 2

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  1. I am on board with you thinking Cleveland is going to knock off Washington this week

  2. CheatorBeat says:

    BOOOOO. Skins wont be upset twice in a row, and the Browns won’t upset twice in a row. Not gonna happen

  3. docksquad says:

    Hope that Chicago score holds. Nice post as always.

  4. I like your scores a lot. A number of them are right where I would have them. I even agree with your Cleveland upset. I really like Tampa over Seattle this week.

    It appears that a lot of your scores are based on the teams’ recent performances, such as the past 2 or 3 weeks, rather then their performance over the entire season. Am I right?

    -The Visionary

  5. Paul Raymond says:

    Yea, I try to look more at the last few weeks. The season long performance is good to start with, but the NFL is so even talent wise you have to look more at whose got the momentum.

  6. I agree with you there. I base a lot of my NFL handicapping on the turnover factor and statistics over the past 2 or 3 weeks.

    -The Visionary

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